STAP budget subsidy scheme

As from 1 March 2022, working persons and persons seeking work are entitled to the STAP budget. Adults with ties to the Dutch labour market can apply for 1,000 euros subsidy for training and development via the STAP budget. You can use this subsidy for a training session, course or study programme if it is registered in the STAP-scholingsregister (STAP training register). The subsidy is called STAP, which stands for Stimulering Arbeidsmarkt Positie (Stimulation of the Labour Market Position). STAP is intended for high-quality and labour market-oriented training. Hobby-driven training activities are not eligible for a subsidy.

Two training courses at the AHK
The Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) currently offers two training programmes for which you can apply for a STAP subsidy: Beroepskunstenaars in de Klas (Professional artists in the classroom, BIK) and On The Movie | postgraduate film education course
. We expect to offer more training programmes in the 2022-2023 academic year for which you can apply for a STAP budget.


1. Beroepskunstenaars in de Klas

(Professional artists in the classroom, BIK)

Beroepskunstenaars in de Klas (Professional artists in the classroom, BIK) is a one-year postgraduate part-time study programme for artists who want to carry out arts projects in primary education.

Who is it for?
The Beroepskunstenaars in de Klas (Professional artists in the classroom, BIK) programme is open to artists in all disciplines. Are you a professional artist and would you like to use your talents for children in primary education? Or would you like to deepen your knowledge and expand your field of work. If so, do the Beroepskunstenaars in de Klas (Professional artists in the classroom) programme.

Professional artists in primary education
There is a great demand for high-quality education projects by artists. More than 800 artists regularly work at a primary school. BIK is the hallmark of quality when it comes to the selection procedure for an artist in the classroom in primary education. More than half of all primary school are affiliated with the national subsidy scheme Cultuureducatie met Kwaliteit (Cultural Education with Quality), which makes long-term cooperation with professional artists possible.

The BIK programme is provided by the Master of Education in Arts of the AHK. The programme is registered with the Stichting Post Hoger Beroeps Onderwijs Nederland (Foundation for Postgraduate Higher Professional Education in the Netherlands) and leads to the recognised certificate Beroepskunstenaar in de klas (Professional artist in the classroom).

Period: 5 September 2022 to 26 June 2023
Lesson days: see
Study load: count on two days per week for 28 weeks
Language of instruction: Dutch
Costs: €3,000 for the one-year postgraduate part-time study programme
Please note: It is also possible to take out a cheap loan for your study programme via Cultuur+Ondernemen
Academy of Architecture, Waterlooplein 211-213 in Amsterdam
Information day: Monday 11 April 2022, 14:00 – 16:00 
Individual intake interviews for the 2022-2023 academic year: end of April 2022
For more information:


2. On The Movie | postgraduate film education course at the AHK Breitner Academy

Develop yourself into an enthusiastic film teacher and learn to speak, create and teach the language of film fluently during the one-year postgraduate film education course On The Movie.

From TikTok to arthouse, from Lucky TV to video installation and from feature film to virtual reality. Film colours our outlook on the world and is a powerful tool to shape imagination and share stories with the world. In this one-year course, the Breitner Academy, the Netwerk Filmeducatie (Eye Film Institute) and the Netherlands Film Academy join forces to train qualified film teachers.

Who is it for?
This study programme is intended for qualified arts teachers in primary and secondary education, and senior secondary vocational education (mbo).

Period: 2022-2023 academic year, commencing 14 September 2022
Lesson day: Wednesday 10:00 to 17:00
Study load: 2 days per week (1 day lesson, 1 day self-study and implementation)
Language of instruction: Dutch
Costs: €2,300 for the one-year postgraduate part-time course
Locations: Breitner Academy, EYE, Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam
Information evening: Thursday 31 March, 18:30 - 20:30

For more information (in Dutch):


3. Post HBO training in Music Education / M4ME - Musicians for Music Education

M4ME, Musicians for Music Education, is a certified course of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and is aimed at professional musicians who want to further develop their skills to be able to teach music at a high level in primary education. The training lasts one year, is designed according to the SLO curriculum framework for music and is very practice-oriented. With your own instrument and your work experience as a basis, you will follow an extensive teaching program which can be widely used in primary education (groups 1 - 8). At the end of the training you will receive the certificate 'Music education for primary education' from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Many primary schools throughout the Netherlands give music a permanent place within the curriculum. Because this development requires many highly educated music teachers, music schools and CKV's are also increasingly focusing on the offer within the primary education frame.

When: The training starts 12 september 2022 and lasts for 32 weeks + 20 weeks of internship.
Study load: 105 contact hours, 40 internship hours, 4-8 hours per week for home study and preparing internship.
Lesson day: Monday morning (9.30-13.00 hours)
Tuition fee: € 3300,-

More information (in Dutch):

4. Training course: Music and movement with the elderly (Muziek en beweging met ouderen)

Interdisciplinary art project: Music, play and movement with and for (vulnerable) elderly people.

The course Music and Movement with the Elderly focuses on experiencing art with and for (vulnerable) elderly people in, for example, care homes, day centers and small-scale residential communities. In the course you will learn how, during the educational activities, you can let the elderly be active themselves, based on their own physical and mental capabilities, by making choices, inventing things themselves and co-deciding during the workshops. New stimuli that stimulate different senses, accompanied by movement and a lot of fun, are very enriching for (vulnerable) elderly people.

This refresher course is aimed at professional musicians and artists as well as teachers in music, theater and dance. As a workshop leader you learn to tempt the elderly into artistic activities and active art experiences. After completion of all assignments at the end of the training, the student will receive the certificate 'Music and movement with the elderly' from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Period: 6 Saturdays 10.00-17.00 hours 1 October - 17 December 2022 + 6 dayparts internship
Lesson day: Saturdays 10.00-17.00 hours
Study load: contact hours: 36; internship hours: 18; self study and preparation hours internship: 80 uur
Language of instruction: Dutch
€ 1200,- ; this includes the publication Bewogen muziek and internship mentoring
Locations: Conservatorium van Amsterdam. For information on on-site training courses, please contact
Debby Korfmacher.

More information (in Dutch):

STAP budget application

You can find more information about the STAP budget and training course for which you can apply for the STAP budget at You can find out there whether you are eligible, or if your training course is eligible, and how you can submit an application for the STAP budget. 

Additional information (in Dutch) can be found at: