Conditions for payment tuition fees

When should I have paid the tuition fees?
You need to pay the tuition fees for your study programme at AHK or should have authorized a direct debit payment set up before the programme starts. If you start in September for example, you arrange payment no later than 31 August. Ideally you arrange payment well before that date.

What happens if I pay my tuition fee late?
You will not be enrolled. This will have consequences for

  • participation in education and exams;
  • access to all AHK buildings;
  • your student grant from DUO;
  • your student travel product (DUO).

How can I pay?
Here you will find an overview of the possible ways to pay your tuition fees

What are the conditions for a payment of the tuition fees?
Conditions connected to tuition fees payment including monthly direct debit payments:

  1. By (digitally) signing the direct debit mandate students declare that the tuition will be paid to the AHK by means of an irrevocable mandate for direct debit (in full or in instalments).
  2. Cancelling a direct debit mandate does not release you from your payment obligations.
  3. You must use a European SEPA-proof bank account number (not a savings account). The account holder is not permitted to cancel the account before the last instalment has been paid.
  4. The account balance must be sufficient for the payments to be made by the due date.
  5. The direct debit dates are mentioned at the payment method you selected and listed on this page
  6. By signing the direct debit authorization (via Studielink of by means of a form), you are undertaking a payment for the tuition fees due. This obligation is irreversible, unless you cancel your enrolment via Studielink before the start of your studies (deadline 31 August). If you are not the account holder, you must grant AHK permission that the account holder pays the tuition fees on your behalf. You will however remain the person responsible for fulfilling the payment obligations.
  7. If changes are made to your personal profile / your studies that may influence the tuition fee rate, by signing the authorization you automatically give approval for the amended collection of the new tuition fees. You will of course receive notification by mail in this event.
  8. Consequences of failure to pay tuition fees:
    1. If a direct debit mandate has been set up for the payment of tuition fees and the full amount or instalment cannot be debited, the student will receive an email from the central student administration. In this email a minimal payment term is set, within which the arrears amount is due. The same applies to students who miss a term payment as per agreed by means of a personal payment plan.
    2. If the payment of the tuition fees is not received within the set term, a second reminder will be sent by the central student admin department. 
    3. If more than two payments are not successfully received by AHK, the spread payment option will be cancelled and the full open tuition fee amount will be due within 2 weeks following the date of the last due payment date.
    4. If the arrears amount builds up to more than 2 monthly payments, according to article 7.42, paragraph 2 of the Dutch Higher Educator act (WHW), it is possible that registration at AHK is terminated.
    5. If the tuition fees have not been paid by the end of the academic year (31 August), you will not be able to register for the subsequent academic year until the outstanding amount has been paid and then only after approval of the director of the academy. 
    6. Student with tuition fees arrears will be excluded from graduation until the fees are paid.
    7. If payment of due tuition fees payments is not received after 3 reminders, the arrears amount will be forwarded to a debt collection agency. All collection charges shall be borne by the student.

What is the refund policy if I terminate my studies before the end of the academic year?
After termination of enrolment the Central Student Administration will calculate if you are eligible for a partial refund of the tuition fees. Refunds are paid back to the bank account that is connected to your student account. For each month that you are enrolled you are liable to pay 1/12th of the total annual tuition fee. Processing time of the restitution is around 3 weeks. 

If you submit your request for termination with a de-enrolment date later than 31 May, you are not entitled to a refund of the tuition fees.