Going abroad

Students’ future field of work is increasingly international. The AHK believes that it is important for students to gain experience abroad during their study. Each year, more than 100 students from the AHK go abroad to broaden their horizons.

There are various possibilities if you would like to apply for student or internship grants. However, these grants never fully cover the costs. The AHK has an agreement with various foreign institutions for the exchange of students and teachers/lecturers. You can also search for institutions abroad yourself. In that case, you will have to arrange everything yourself: from contacting the institutions to arranging funds. More about student grants abroad

"I did a great internship in Copenhagen. While at the company Ghost VFX, I worked on major films with a talented team from all over the world. I would recommend going abroad; during a foreign stay. You will grow on a professional level, but also on a personal level."
Laurens Vermeulen (Visual Effects & Immersive Media student, Netherlands Film Academy)

Continuing your studies after graduation

It is also possible to apply for a grant for a further study. Motivated and talented students who want to do a further study abroad after their Bachelor’s degree in the Netherlands can submit a grant application with a number of institutions. You often have to arrange these grants already during your graduation year. Advice: obtain information in time and read the terms and conditions of each fund carefully. More about grants for further studies

More information

Each academy has an internationalisation contact person. You can contact him or her with all your questions about studying abroad. Internationalisation coordinators

For practical tips, please visit BeroepKunstenaar.nl, the AHK website for all business aspects of the arts. Or download the Grants/scholarships for doing a study or work placement abroad overview (PDF).

For more information about other grants and funds, please consult the Beursopener website. You should also check out the handy Nuffic website wilweg.nl, which has information about studying and internships abroad.