Cultuurfonds scholarship

The Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund (Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds) makes Cultural Fund Scholarships (Cultuurfondsbeurzen) available to talented graduates who want to do a further study abroad.

Cultural Fund Scholarships are intended for follow-up studies or research abroad with a minimum duration of three months. The Cultural Fund wants to enable scholarship students to achieve their dream of becoming, for example, an actor, visual artist, musician, dancer or academic.

Depending on the quality and quantity of the applications, the amount of the Cultural Fund Scholarships awarded are: €1,500, €2,500, €5,000, €7,500, €10,000, €12,500, €15,000 or, in exceptional cases, €20,000.

The most important conditions are:

  • upon application, you can submit a list of marks with an average mark above an 8, or you have other demonstrable evidence that your performance is above average;
  • you hold Dutch nationality or have been registered in the Netherlands for at least three years;
  • you have a good motivation.

Students can submit an application themselves via the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund. The deadline is around 1 April. The application form is available from February.

More information and apply for a Cultuurfonds scholarship (in Dutch)