Nuffic grant and scholarship

Nuffic is the Dutch organisation for international cooperation in higher education Nuffic acts as an intermediary for grants and scholarships in a number of countries and is involved in the selection of the candidates.

Overview of grants and scholarships via Nuffic (in Dutch)
Information about grants and scholarships at

Cultural treaties
If, during or after your studies, you want to study abroad, conduct research or do a language course, you can apply for a grant or scholarship from a foreign government. Most of these grants/scholarships fall under the Cultural Treaty (Cultureel Verdrag, CV) that the country has with the Netherlands, in which agreements are made, among other things, about exchanges in the field of academic education and research.

When are you eligible?

  • You are a final-year student at a university of applied sciences (hbo-student) or have recently graduated. You can already apply for a summer grant/scholarship in the second year. General terms and conditions:
  • You must hold Dutch nationality or receive Dutch student finance.
  • If you are not a Dutch national, you can apply for a grant/scholarship for the country where you come from.
  • You are not older than 35 at the start of your studies.
  • You may receive a CV grant/scholarship a maximum of two times.
  • The grants/scholarships are explicitly not intended for work placements/internships.
  • Students with an Erasmus grant are not eligible.

For a complete list of Cultural Treaty grants/scholarships, other terms and conditions per country and the closing dates for applications, please visit and (both sites in Dutch).

Nuffic contact person per country
Petra Bijlsma-Hardeman
T +31 (0)70 4260 238

  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Israel
  • Mexico
  • Poland

Saskia Pinna-van Oyen
T +31 (0)70 4260 178

  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Russia
  • Switzerland