VSB Fund scholarship

The VSB Fund scholarship (VSBfonds Beurs) provides students with the opportunity to study on a scholarship at a renowned institution abroad at Master’s or postgraduate level.  This can be a broadening or deepening of the study that the student has followed. The VSB Fund Scholarship seeks candidates who are socially engaged and devote themselves to society in the form of extracurricular activities outside of the study. Students who graduated no longer than one year ago can submit an application. The maximum amount awarded is €7,000 for one academic year and €10,000 for two academic years.

Applications are first selected by a committee of the AHK. Candidates are subsequently invited for a discussion with the committee, after which the suitable candidates are nominated for the VSB Fund Scholarship. Please note that candidates should have Dutch nationality, but an exception can be made for candidates without Dutch nationality in consultation with the VSB Fund. In that case, candidates must speak Dutch, be active in Dutch society and wish to continue this after their stay in the Netherlands.

Extra funds for students with functional impairments
Within the context of an active diversity policy, the VSB Fund has additional budget available for students with an impairment who want to go abroad on a VSB Fund Scholarship for study or research.

From the terms and conditions: ‘It is possible, in some cases, for students with a serious impairment to receive a higher scholarship amount. This possible higher scholarship amount can be determined after insight is given via the cost budget in the application form into the complete cost planning and financing plan of the student, which shows that additional costs will actually be incurred as a result of this impairment.’

The deadline is every year on 1 March.

More information and application via the website of the VSB Fund (in Dutch)

Before filling in the application, you should first contact:

AHK VSB Fund Scholarship Selection Committee
Attn: Kam Wai Kui
AHK Service Bureau
PO Box 15079,
1001 MB Amsterdam
T +31 (0)20 527 7772
E scholarships@ahk.nl