AHK Internationalisation Fund

The Amsterdam University of the Arts has its own scholarship programme for students who want to study or do an internship abroad for a short period: the Internationalisation Fund. There are two periods annually in which AHK students can submit a motivated application. The deadlines are around mid-November and mid-May. Approval by the head of the study programme through the awarding of study credits is required.

The application deadlines for study year 2022/ 2023 are 15 November 2022 and 15 May 2023.

"With the help of the AHK Internationalisation Fund, I did an internship at two companies in London. I can definitely recommend staying abroad during your study. For example, the Dutch VFX industry cannot be compared to the one in London in terms of size and the type of projects worked on. I also found it really fun that you meet lots of new people."
Max van Leeuwen (student Visual Effects & Immersive Media)

Individual trips

Individual trips are foreign study and internship trips lasting two weeks to nine months. The award consists of a contribution towards travel costs (100% within Europe and up to a max. of €350; 50% outside Europe and up to a max. of €500) and a monthly allowance of €250 up to a max. of €1,500. Six weeks before each application deadline, the application form will become available online.

From October 2022 on, students can apply directly online here.

Please note: you can not save the application, so please read the instructions first on “How to apply for Internationalization Funds online”. You can read and download the instructions below, together with a Template of the Application Form, a template of the Budget / Coverage Plan (+ instructions). When applying, please put together your file first with answers to the questions in the application form and the four documents that you need to upload with the application.

The deadline is 15 November 2022. After this date, you can no longer apply online for this application round.

Download here:

Personal invitation

The intention of the personal invitation (uitnodiging op naam) is to contribute towards the travel costs of students if they are invited to a foreign festival or exhibition due to their exceptional achievements. The condition is that the invitation is to the student personally and the body or authority giving the invitations is renowned in the student’s field of study. Participation in conferences and competitions fall outside this scheme. This application can be submitted throughout the entire academic year, provided it is well before the departure date.

Personal invitation criteria (PDF)
Personal invitation application form (Word)

Download forms

Download the forms for your end report here:
Letter of instruction upon award (PDF)
Report form internship/study exchange (Word)
Personal invitation report form (Word)
Expense claim form (Excel)