Erasmus+ grant

The Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission stimulates student exchanges between European institutions for higher education by providing grants. Students who have passed their propaedeutic examination (first year of a degree programme) can apply a Erasmus grant during their study for a grant for a study or internship abroad. A minimum of two months to a maximum of one year applies to both a study period abroad or an internship. Students of all nationalities are eligible for an Erasmus+ grant.

Additional financing opportunities
Erasmus+ also provides additional financing opportunities within the Erasmus programme for students like:

  • Erasmus top-up grant within the social inclusion scheme;
  • Green Erasmus (to support sustainable modes of travel)
  • Intensive language course prior to your exchange;
  • Financial support in covering costs due to physical disabilities.

Exchange for a study
Your study programme must have a bilateral agreement with the European institution with which an exchange contract is concluded. The AHK has an exchange contract with more than 100 European educational institutions. Please present your foreign study plans to the internationalisation coordinator of your study programme in advance.

"I was able to make use of the Erasmus+ grant for my internship in Denmark. It is life-enhancing to go to a new environment, learn the language and broaden your horizons."
Laurens Vermeulen (Netherlands Film Academy student)

Exchange for an internship
The AHK has contacts for internships with numerous European organisations for its students. Students must ask the internationalisation coordinator in advance whether the internship and learning agreement have been approved by the head of their study programme. You submit your application at least two months before departure.

Internship abroad following your graduation
Would you like to do an internship abroad after graduation? For that, the Erasmus+ programme offers the opportunity to apply for an internship grant. The internship period must last at least two months up to a maximum of one year and must start immediately after your graduation.

  • Please note: you must apply for this internship grant while you are still studying at the AHK.
  • Inform in advance whether there is still sufficient budget for an internship abroad after graduation.
  • If so, arrange the internship contract no later than 1 June in the year of your graduation. 

How much is an Erasmus+ grant?
The amount of the Erasmus grant depends on the number of days for your exchange and the EU country you are traveling to. This overview shows the Erasmus grant for study and placement for the study year 2023/2024.

How can you apply for an Erasmus+ grant?
Please contact the head of your study programme for approval of your study or internship plans abroad. Following approval, you can make an appointment with the internationalisation coordinator of your academy in order to see whether your trip meets the Erasmus+ terms and conditions.

Be on time
Please note that you must submit your application for a study exchange well in advance. In order to be eligible for a grant for an Erasmus+ study exchange in the 2024/2025 academic year, for example, you must declare your plans to the internationalisation coordinator no later than February 2024. This is due to the fact that some EU educational institutions only make a few Erasmus+ exchange places available annually. This is because most EU educational institutions have only a few Erasmus exchange places each year and their application deadline is often around 1 March. For an internship exchange, submit your application at least two months before departure.

Study exchange or internship longer than 200 days
Most Erasmus exchanges last a semester or less. But sometimes an period abroad through Erasmus can last longer than seven months. The AHK's policy is to distribute Erasmus grants as equally as possible among applicants. Therefore, for studies or internships lasting longer than 200 days, the AHK guarantees an Erasmus grant for the first 200 days. If the AHK budget is sufficient, you will be notified no later than the fourth month of the exchange whether you will receive a grant awarded for the remaining exchange period after 200 days.