Additional financial opportunities within Erasmus+

Within the Erasmus programme, new funding schemes have been added. All additional funding can be applied for directly at AHK’s Erasmus programme manager Kam Wai Kui (

Erasmus top-up grant
For many students, to have a study abroad experience or to undertake an internship abroad can be considered feasible. But not for all students. The AHK wants to provide extra stimuli for the latter group students to gain experience through study or internship abroad with Erasmus. International students are also eligible to apply for this grant!

Social inclusion is considered as one of the top priorities within the new Erasmus programme; this includes means to make a study exchange or internship abroad more accessible to  students. The Dutch National Agency has identified two groups of students who are eligible to apply for extra funding: students who have health challenges (mental and physical) and/or financial challenges. Read and download the required documents how to apply for a Erasmus top-up grant HERE.

A top-up grant is a monthly € 250 on top of the Erasmus grant for these two  groups of students within the Erasmus social inclusion scheme.

Green Erasmus
Do you want to support more sustainable and green modes of travel? The AHK advises students who have to travel under the radius of 500 km to take the train or other low CO2-emissions modes of travel. But because many train tickets in the EU are still more expensive than (budget) flights, this green scheme gives support in the additional costs that you make by travelling by train. How does it work? Just send an email request to with a digital copy of your train ticket. If your request is approved, an amount of € 50 will be added to your Erasmus grant.

Intensive language course
AHK students can apply for funding to a maximum of € 350 if they want to take an intensive language course in another European language prior to their study exchange or internship. This can add to your preparation and can provide more confidence during your exchange period. Besides that, the locals will appreciate your efforts to learn their language!

For those who want to do a study exchange at a university: please check with the guest university if they provide intensive language courses. These courses are often offered at the language level that you need during the study exchange period. Once you have decided which language course to take, please contact AHK Erasmus programme manager to apply for funding (

Additional financial support for students with disability – Special Needs
Students with disability can apply for extra funding within the Special Needs scheme to cover additional costs that they have to make to organize their study period abroad. This can be applied directly at Nuffic, National Agency for Erasmus programme in the Netherlands. Please notice: a student cannot apply for both Erasmus top-up grant and funding from Special Needs at the same time.

Download the information for the Special Needs-scheme (in Dutch)

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