The NL Scholarship (formerly known as Holland Scholarship) is a grant programme offered by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Science and Culture that aims to provide a financial incentive to talented students to study or do an internship in one of the non-EEA countries. An outgoing NL Scholarship for consists of a grant amount of €2500.

Next deadline for applications is 15 May 2024

What are the conditions?

  • You are studying full-time at the AHK or you are a part-time student but your study exchange or internship is full-time;
  • The study or internship period lasts a minimum of two months; with priority given to applications lasting three months or more at the AHK;
  • The study or internship period takes place in a non-EEA country (that is to say: outside the European Union and the EFTA countries Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway);
  • You have demonstrably excellent study results;
  • The study or internship takes place at a renowned institution or company (Note: a thesis research is beyond the scope of NL Scholarships);
  • The application is complete, excellently motivated and meets all the conditions of the AHK Internationalisation Fund;
  • A letter of reference from the study director and ranking by the own director at the academy is required.

How do you apply for an outgoing NL Scholarship?
You apply for the grant via the AHK Internationalisation Fund and submit the application to your internationalisation coordinator. The application rounds are in mid-May and mid-November. Applications outside the application rounds will not be accepted.

How will the application be assessed?
An outgoing NL Scholarship application has additional assessment rounds compared to an AHK Internationalisation Fund application: an assessment will be requested from the internationalisation coordinator of your academy and from the board of studies. The director of your academy will make a ranking of candidates.

The assessment committee of the AHK Internationalisation Fund will assess the applications based on the conditions of the fund, the quality of the institution and the ranking by the director. The committee will make a nomination recommendation for the Executive Board of the AHK; the Executive Board will determine whether the recommendations are accepted.

Current application round: deadline 15 May 2024.

The result will be published 30 days after the application deadline.

Result of the application
You will receive one of the following messages after application:
1.    The NL Scholarship is awarded.
2.    The NL Scholarship is awarded in addition to an award from the AHK Internationalisation Fund.
3.    The application does not receive an award from the NL Scholarship, but does receive an award from the AHK Internationalisation Fund.
4.    The application does not receive an award.

How do you stand a chance of receiving both a NL Scholarship and an AHK Internationalisation Fund grant?
The committee will assess all applications based on quality and excellent study results. There is a preference for applications with a minimum stay of 3 months. The reputation of the internship post or study programme will be considered in the assessment.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Email: