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Regulations on sociale safety

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Social safety

The Amsterdam University of the Arts thinks it is important to emphasize that within the AHK, any form of undesirable behavior should not be left unsaid and unchallenged. Socially unsafe situations, transgressive behaviour, abuse, intimidation and such are completely unacceptable. It doesn't fit who we want to be, how we want to teach and collaborate; our university of the arts must be a safe environment for everyone.

It is very important that you go to your study or work with pleasure and a safe feeling. We therefore have a Code of Conduct for Social Safetythat clearly describes the standards and values ‚Äč‚Äčthat apply to our university. We would also like to point out the availability of confidential advisers  to whom you can always turn with your story and to our complaints procedure, which describes which routes you can take to report undesirable behaviour. We want to do everything we can to prevent and discuss inappropriate behavior, even if this behavior has taken place in the past.

It can be a difficult step to take your story to a confidential adviser or the complaints committee, or to report an unsafe situation. But it is in the interest of yourself and of your fellow students / colleagues to take that step if there is reason to do so. Your request for help, report or complaint will be treated with care and attention and you are in control of this.

If the information on this website does not match your question or situation, or if you would like to discuss what to do or where best to go, ask your question to You will then be contacted quickly.

If you are a former student or former employee of the AHK and have questions or comments as a result of the above, or do you want to know how you can file a complaint about a situation that has happened a long time ago, you can contact Of course, every message will be treated carefully and confidentially. You can also visit This is a national reporting point for undesirable behavior in the Dutch cultural and creative sector.

Appreciating, respecting and having an eye for each other are crucial. Together we make the AHK a safe study and working environment.

Complaints Committee

Do you have a complaint about social safety? You can file a complaint with the Complaints Committee on Undesirable Behaviour. A confidential advisor can help you with this.



Regulations on sociale safety

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