Confidential advisers

As a student you can get in touch with the confidential advisers at the AHK. The confidential adviser is a first point of contact when identifying (sexual) intimidation, aggression and violence, bullying or discrimination. You can choose which confidential adviser you would like to approach. If you would rather discuss the situation with someone who isn’t affiliated with the AHK, you can get in touch with the confidential adviser employed by HumanCapitalCare, the AHK’s occupational health and safety organisation.

Confidential advisers

Bob Crezee
T 020 527 7128
Location: Reinwardt Academy, Hortusplantsoen 1-3

Ghislaine Rietveld
T 020 527 7714
Location: AHK Service Bureau, Jodenbreestraat 3

Marieke Oremus
T 020 527 7532
Location: Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Oosterdokskade 151

Niki Lemmens
T 020 527 7814
Location: Academy of Theatre and Dance, Jodenbreestraat 3

Maureen Krumeich (exclusively for students of the Academy of Theatre and Dance)
T 06 2853 5547

Confidential Adviser from the Occupational health and safety agency

Eelco Jongenburger
T 020 305 7010