Student counsellors

Students can contact the student counsellor for information and advice on all kinds of (practical) matters connected with the study. Every faculty of the AHK has its own student counsellor. Students can consult the student counsellors on the following and other matters:

  • Law and regulations
  • Regulations concerning the first year of study, including the binding study advice
  • Study grants
  • Additional grants
  • Insurance
  • Problems with the course
  • Falling behind as a result of exceptional circumstances such as illness or a handicap
  • Terminating or interrupting the course
  • Visas and residence permits (for international students)
  • Complaints and appeals procedures

The student counsellor provides information and advice and tries to find an answer or solution tailored to the student's specific needs. The student counsellor may also refer to other bodies inside or outside the AHK. Discussions with the student counsellor are always confidential.

The student counsellors

Breitner Academy Sabine Brand, 
Academy of Architecture Mildred van der Zwan, 
Conservatorium van Amsterdam Heleen de Kam,
Netherlands Film Academy Timon Hagen,
Reinwardt Academy Joppe Knoester,
Academy of Theatre and Dance Timon Hagen,
DAS Theatre + DAS Creative Producing Juul Beeren,
Master of Education in Arts Juul Beeren,