Study and disability

If you are hindered in your study as a result of health issues or an impairment, the AHK offers various forms of assistance. The school starts from the basic premise that your impairment should not take precedence, and that you should indicate what you need in terms of changes and facilities in order to complete your study successfully.

Definition of impairment
The term 'impairment' refers to conditions that are chronic or permanent in nature and that hinder you structurally in taking the course and sitting exams. This includes all motor, sensory and psychological disabilities, but also impairments such as dyslexia, repetitive strain injuries, chronic fatigue, depression and suchlike. 

Every year, the AHK offers a number of courses and training sessions that deal with issues that can hinder your study progress, for example a Planning and time management training course.

The student counsellors are your first point of contact: they coordinate any changes for individual students within the study programmes. In addition, the AHK has a coordinator Studie + Handicap (Study + Disability) Trude Cone, who has an advisory and supervisory role. You can make an appointment with her by sending an email to

The arts practice often goes hand in hand with vulnerability, but if that starts getting in the way and you can no longer perform optimally, then it’s time to do something about it. That is why the AHK offers a study-related stress/fear of failure training course each year. This is meant for students who have the feeling that their performance is negatively influenced by irrational fear.

In this course, you will gain more insight into complaints related to stress and fear of failure and their causes, so that you can learn to handle fear of failure and stress more effectively. The training course is given by a student psychologist from the University of Amsterdam in cooperation with the Study + Disability coordinator Trude Cone.

For more information about the training and the dates, please check the community Study and disability (Studie en handicap) at MyAHK).

To be able to study successfully, you not only have to organise your studies, but also all other aspects of your life. That can create tension. Good planning can make a big difference and prevent you falling behind. For this reason, the AHK offers a short planning and time management training course of one hour for all students. During this training course, you will receive tips on how you can avoid getting into trouble.

All students are welcome to participate!

For more information about the training and the dates, please check the community Study and disability (Studie en handicap) at MyAHK).


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