Erasmus+ programme

To stimulate a vibrant exchange of students (and teachers) between European institutions for higher education and universities, the European Commission each year offers grants for student exchanges to institutions that have a European University Charter (EUC).

The AHK takes part in the Erasmus programme. All AHK students can take part once during their study in this exchange programme for study and internship abroad. The exchange has to be approved first by the institution as part of the student’s study programme; the student should receive European Credits for the exchange study abroad. Also, the institution or head of the study programme has to approve the exchange first. Students of all nationalities are entitled to apply for an Erasmus grant. 

The exchange study period abroad is minimum 3 months and maximum 12 months. For internship/placement, the period is minimum 2 months and maximum 12 months. Please note that the AHK can only guarantee a Erasmus grant for the first 200 days of the exchange. In the case the budget allows, the student will be notified in the 4th month during the exchange whether they will receive a Erasmus grant for the exchange period beyond the 200 days.

The Erasmus programme provides financial support in terms of monthly allowance. The monthly allowance varies between € 170 to € 290 per month for study exchange depending on the living standard of the destination. For internship, the allowance varies between € 263 and € 375. No separate grant will be given for travel or insurance. 

Study exchange
The study exchange can only take place at a European institution that has a so called bilateral agreement with the AHK. The AHK has over 60 of these bilateral agreements. Students should inform at the coordinator internationalization of their institution whether the guest institution of their choice is on the bilateral agreement list of the AHK.

The AHK has contacts with many international institutions and organizations that have offered AHK students placements. In all cases, the school has to approve the guest institution for internship first. The Erasmus programme requires that a Learning Agreement between the institution and the guest institution. Please inquire with the coordinator internationalization of your institution.

Internship after graduation
The new Erasmus+ programme provides Erasmus grants for graduated students to take an internship within the EU immediately after the graduation at the AHK. The internship period is minimum 2 months and maximum 12 months. Students need to apply for this grant before their graduation date.

Application procedure
First contact the head of your study programme for an approval of your exchange plans (both study and internship). After the approval, then contact the coordinator internationalization to start the Erasmus exchange procedure in order to get an Erasmus grant. Please be aware that other EU partner schools may have a fixed number Erasmus spots for study. We advise you to apply for a study exchange prior February in order to start the study exchange in the following academic year. (For example: the application for an Erasmus study exchange from September 2019 till August 2020 should have been applied before February 2019).

Once the coordinator internationalization of your faculty confirmed that your Erasmus study or internship exchange is approved, you will be invited to make an appointment for signing the student contracts, and to receive all the required documents and explanation for your exchange.

More information on the Erasmus+ programme

More information on AHK's Erasmus Charter and AHK's Erasmus Policy Statement 2014-2020