AHK Internationalization Fund

The Amsterdam University of the Arts offers her students possibilities in financial support for a short period study abroad or internship abroad during their study if their needs does not meet the criteria of the Erasmus exchange programme of the European Union with the AHK Internationalization Fund. Students can apply for both study and internship abroad for a period from 2 weeks to maximum 12 months. 

The Internationalization Fund has two application rounds per year: around mid November and mid May.

The new application round will close on 15 May 2019.

The November application round will be opened in October and can be used to apply for study and internship that starts in the following period January till June. The May application round will be opened in April and can be used to apply for a study or internship that starts in the following period of July till December.  

The application form can be downloaded from this site once the application round is opened. The study or internship period has to be integrated within your study programme, so official acknowledgement from the head of your study programme is required. Furthermore, students need to hand in a sound budget, which allows the selection committee to decide whether the study/ internship period is well prepared. The applications should be handed in to the coordinator internationalization of your institution. A selection committee consisting of policy advisors, coordinators study programmes and internationalization.

Individual grant

Each AHK student can receive once during their study at the AHK a travel grant for a study/ internship abroad that is approved by the school. The grant consists of travel costs for 100% for travels within Europe (max. €350) and 50% outside Europe (max. €500) and a monthly allowance of €175 per month during your stay abroad (max. €1000). Upon return, the student hands in a student report and the financial breakdown of the costs made during the stay abroad.

Application Individual Grant (Word)
Criteria Individual Grant (PDF)

Personal invitation

Excellent AHK students who are invited to perform at internationally highly renowned events like a prestigious festival or exhibition abroad, can apply throughout the study year for financial support for travel. The application should be sent in as soon as possible and preferably at least 4 weeks before the event takes place.

Application Personal Invitation (Word)
Criteria Personal Invitation (PDF; second half is in English)

Download forms

Download the forms that are necessary for writing your end report:

instructions (PDF)
report form internship/study exchange (Word)
report form personal invitation (Word)
declaration form (Excel)