Student counsellors

The student counsellor provides information and guidance to students with both practical and personal matters, which are related to the study conditions and life as a student. Each academy/study programme has its own student counsellor.

If you are experiencing problems during your study, the student counsellor will seek possible solutions with you, so you can (continue to) do your study as successfully as possible or so you can decide to interrupt or discontinue the study in good time. Conversations with the student counsellor are confidential and personal information is handled carefully. Generally speaking: the earlier you drop by, the better you can be advised.

Are you considering a study at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and would you like to discuss additional facilities or adjustments? Please contact the student counselor of your academy / study program.

The student counsellors

Breitner Academy Sabine Brand 
Academy of Architecture Mildred van der Zwan 
Conservatorium van Amsterdam Heleen de Kam
Netherlands Film Academy Timon Hagen
Reinwardt Academy Mirjam Bouter (year 1+2)
Reinwardt Academy Joppe Knoester (year 3+4)
Academy of Theatre and Dance Timon Hagen
DAS Graduate School Juul Beeren
Master of Education in Arts Juul Beeren