Are you proud of your graduation project and would you like to win €3,000? Please, feel free to submit your work for the AHK Graduation Prize 2020 (Eindwerkprijs). On Monday 23 November the AHK celebrates the 9th edition of this award show. Students and teachers can nominate excellent graduation works for the prize. From all entries the jury will make a selection of projects for the nominee shortlist. The jury then decides who will win the awards: €3,000 for a bachelor project, €3,000 for a master project and an Audience Award.

Nominate & submit

Would you like to nominate your own work or that of someone else for the Graduation Prize 2020? Please, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Nominate - fill in the nomination form.

STEP 2: Submit - the nominated student has to complete the submission.


How do you compare a choreography with an architectural design or a thesis on cultural heritage with a percussion performance? Important criteria on which the entries will be judged by the jury are the following: 

  • The graduation project has been assessed to be good.
  • The graduation project establishes a connection to the outside world. 
  • The graduation project is relevant to the further development of the profession.
'Winning this prize felt like an enormous encouragement to continue my work post graduation. It was a recognition that I was on the right path and that what I was researching and investing enormous amounts of time and thought into during my study was something that others were moved by too. Not only does the grant give me an opportunity to investigate my work further, but the publicity also meant that I will have opportunities to show my work again, outside of the institution.'
Elisabeth Raymond (Graduation Prize winner, SNDO - Choreography)


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