On 25 November 2019 the AHK celebrated the 8th edition of the AHK Graduation Prize (Eindwerkprijs). Students and teachers have nominated excellent graduation works for the prize. From 34 entries the jury has made a selection of 10 projects for the nominee shortlist. The jury decided who won the awards: €3,000 for a bachelor project, €3,000 for a master project and an Audience Award.

The winners are:

News message about the winners


Important criteria on which the entries will be judged, are the way the graduation project is linked to the outside world and the relevance of the work for the further development of the profession.

Nominate & submit

Would you like to nominate your own work or that of someone else for the Graduation Prize 2020? Please, follow these steps:
1. Nominate: fill in the nomination form.
2. Submit: the nominated student has to complete the submission.


Please, email: webredactie@ahk.nl.