You can find all the details for participation in the AHK Graduation Prize Regulations 2020 (PDF).
Deadline: 9 October 2020

What to send
The entry must consist of the following documents, labelled with clear numbers and titles:

  1. overview of details: student’s name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, study programme, title (graduation) work, graduation date, names of supervisors and authors of the letters of recommendation, link to profile on the graduates website and/or LinkedIn (or you could include a document with your CV);
  2. the graduation work or highlighted elements of the portfolio, in the form of a text, video, photo, script, audio, images and/or scale models;
  3. proof of the date of graduation (e.g. copy of the degree certificate or a confirmation stating you will graduate in the year 2020);
  4. motivation from the candidate, which should be maximum one A4 page, with a brief summary of the project or (parts of) the portfolio, the manner of connection with the outside world and the relevance for the further development of the profession;
  5. letter of recommendation on behalf of one of the supervisors of the study programme, explaining why the work meets the criteria of the prize;
  6. letter of recommendation from an external expert;
  7. proof that the graduation project or portfolio has been assessed to be 'good' / 8 or higer, signed by an authorised examiner (if available, not obligatory);
  8. documentation about the work, such as promotional material, reviews, prizes won, etc. (if available, not obligatory).

Send your digital entry to (you can use for this).

In case you have hard copy documents you want the jury to take a look at during their meeting - for instance a book, photos or a scale model (in case of video or audio material: a digital entry is sufficient) - you could also hand it off to the secretariat of the Service Bureau (3rd floor of the Academy of Theatre and Dance, Jodenbreestraat 3, open until 17:30) or send it to:

AHK - Department Quality, communications and policy
Attn. Jury AHK Graduation Prize
PO Box 15079
1001 MB Amsterdam

Please, email

'I experienced the prize as a great aknowledgement to my work on a personal level and with the institutions. It was a great support with funding requests and various institutions and an art gallery got interested in my work.'
Agnese Cornelio (Graduation Prize winner, Master of Film)