'I experienced the prize as a great aknowledgement to my work on a personal level and with the institutions. It was a great support with funding requests and various institutions and an art gallery got interested in my work.'
Agnese Cornelio (Graduation Prize winner, Master of Film)

Deadline for submissions 5 October 2021 has passed

The deadline of 5 October 2021 has passed. It is no longer possible to submit your (graduation) work for the Graduation Prize 2021. The shortlist of nominees will be announced around 15 November 2021.

In case you have hard copy documents you want the jury to take a look at during their meeting - for instance a book, photos or a scale model (in case of video or audio material: a digital entry is sufficient) - you could also hand it off at the reception desk of the Academy of Theatre and Dance, Jodenbreestraat 3 or send it to:

AHK - Department Quality, communications and policy
Attn. Jury AHK Graduation Prize
PO Box 15079
1001 MB Amsterdam