Artists & Archivists #3

Wednesday 29 May 2019, 19:00 - 22:00 hrs.
Reinwardt Academie
Hortusplantsoen 2
1018 TZ Amsterdam

The Artists & Archivists meet-ups, a series initiated by ARIAS, aim to engage artists, archivists and other researchers in a dialogue on their research approaches, methods and results. The goal is to learn from each other’s experiences and to explore future research collaborations. At these meet-ups, researchers share mutual interests, for example in experimental ways of questioning and researching archival and data collections, data visualization, digital humanities, sonic archiving and archival activism.

This third edition is initiated and hosted by the Reinwardt Academy. After general introductions by artist Arnoud Holleman and Reinwardt lector Hester Dibbits, visitors can join one of four roundtables.

1. Artists’ archives - the myth of Rodin
Since 2004, Arnoud Holleman has studied the archives of Auguste Rodin as an autonomously operating storytelling machine. The archives are crucial to keep the myth of Rodin alive.

2. Unfolding conflicted heritage - embodiment as archival practice
Setareh Noorani invites you to think about the body and the archive as carriers of events in an unstable conflicted context, both being subject to time and movement.

3. Traveling collections and storytelling as ways of unfolding an archive
Amsterdam-based artist Martin La Roche presents collections that move and transform over time and according to geographical locations, revealing the archives’ relation to a context.

4. Reworking colonial photographs
Leiden University’s Anne Vera Veen aims to look for strategies to rethink, reframe and rework photographs in colonial archives in order to imagine decolonial futures.

When: Wednesday 29 May, 19:00 - 22:00 hrs
Where: Reinwardt Academy, Hortusplantsoen 2, Amsterdam
Register: to sign up please send an email to