Vacancy: Professional Experience Coach in Urbanism
The Dutch National Ballet Academy starts BA Teacher of Classical Ballet
EXCHANGE - students Dance in Education en Ecole des Sables in Senegal
Joost Emmerik appointed Head of Landscape Architecture
Tijn Wybenga awarded Deutscher Jazzpreis for debut album
First prize for S’Yo Fang at DownBeat Student Music Awards
Bence Csepeli wins audition with Concerto Budapest
Johanna Görissen wins Felix Godefroid Harp Competition
Selma Harkink principal subject teacher of Voice at the CvA
Ukrainian ballet student Polina Chepyk in CBS TV programme 60 Minutes
Emanuele Silvestri appointed principal subject teacher of cello
Artistic Research – New Pathways to New Knowledge? A conversation with Mira Thompson
Diego Jáen wins NedPho audition
Arjan Tien appointed principal subject teacher of Conducting Concert and Brass Bands
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Admission for the EPAS (European Postgraduate in Arts in Sound) closes on June 1
Shortlist Announcement Prix de Rome 2022 Architecture
Art & Community with Marie-Anne Leuty and Sumi Anjuman
Wilco Kamminga wins trombone audition with Het Balletorkest
Celebratory confirmation of a partnership between the 5 O’clock Class, Chassé Dance Studios and the Dutch Dance Centre
New AiR for Academy of Architecture is Selçuk Balamir
Third year film 'Revelinho' (class of 2022) wins awards!
Hungry for knowledge? Come to the book market!
Violinist Stephanie van Duijn also accepted as academician with NedPho
1 May: Symposium 'Composing with Technology'
CvA Reach Out for refugee music students
Prize for Fiachra D’hOra op Feis Ceoil Aileen Gore String Competition
Ukrainian dancers continue their training at the Dutch National Ballet Academy
Dansers van Morgen 5 & 6 July – end-of-year production Dutch National Ballet Academy – with live accompaniment from the Dutch Ballet Orchestra
New premises for the Dutch National Ballet Academy
Call for applications: ATD Teacher-Researcher Fellowships Scheme
Mime School presents Playtime Festival 20 to 23 April 2022
MTD Legacy - Save the date! - GIVE_A_DANS! - 24 to 29 June
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UC(jmd) - Last Line - Save the date - 30 June, 1 & 2 July 2022
Prizes for Martí Mitjavila Trio and NAUSYQA at Grachtenfestival Jazz Competition
Renewed and improved space on the fourth floor of the Academy of Theatre and Dance in use
Līva Dumpe Quintet and NAUSYQA in final KAE Jazz Award
Space for inspiration, reflection, and decisiveness - collaboration Adyen and ATD
Artistic Research – New Pathways to New Knowledge? A conversation with Miguel E. Keerveld
Ella van Poucke appointed principal subject teacher of cello
Joren Elsen appointed principal subject teacher of historical trombone
In Memoriam: dancer/choreographer Jaap Flier
Jury Prize for The Fried Seven at Karel Van Eerd Music Award
AHK Culture Club opens its doors to the public with the # Club Nights, read the story of the very first # Club Night.
In Memoriam Fer Smidt
DAS Theatre is looking for a new Artistic Director
Berthe Spoelstra appointed artistic director of the Theatre Directing study programme
A retrospective on: Unlearning the Human
Sixteen new proposals selected for funding by second round of DAS Research Development fund
Ben Fitzpatrick appointed first tenor saxophone with WDR Big Band
Primo Ish-Hurwitz wins Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Competition
Five CvA bands to play in Grachtenfestival Jazz Competition 2022 final
Emmanuel Resche-Caserta principal subject teacher of baroque violin at the CvA
Guitarist Ella Zirina wins Virtual Jazz Club competition
19 March - Open Day Open day Scenography, Production, Design & Technology, Technical Production
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Alumnus Niek Smal wins AHK Graduation Prize
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AHK Graduation Prizes 2021 awarded to 'Yalda: The Longest Night', 'Water Pride' and 'X Y We'
Day of the Teacher-Researcher
Anna Besson principal subject teacher of traverso at the CvA
SNDO alumnus Samira Elagoz, wins the 2022 Silver Lion at Venice Biennale
Many prizes for Emma Roijackers