Three times ‘excellent’ for DasArts Master of Theatre
First prize for Maria Kouznetsova at prestigious violin competition in Chengdu
First prize and audience prize for Mathilde Wantenaar
CvA-team runs Dam-tot-Damloop 2014
This Sunday at NPO2 (Dutch television): documentary National Master Orchestral Conducting
Prizes for Gerard Spronk and his ensemble
Moscow goes Reinwardt and Reinwardt goes Moscow
Aart Oxenaar becomes director of the Municipal Office of Monuments and Archaeology at the Municipality of Amsterdam
Sophia Patsi to sing solo part in Mozart’s Requiem at Opéra Grand d’Avignon
Franz von Chossy appointed principal subject teacher at Codarts
Prizes for Aspasia Nasopoulou at International Keuris Composition Competition
Frank Zielhorst appointed Young Conductor in Association with orchestra in Engeland
Seconda Pratica present book on Dutch Dirty Songs of the XVII and XVIII centuries
Claron McFadden appointed Artist in Residence at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam
Pop department starts in Q-Factory
Reinwardt Academy takes part in visit to Brazil by Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
STIMU Prize for Reinhard Siegert and Jenny Thomas
Prize for Liya Grigoryan at Getxo Jazz
One-man operetta Ludwig best production of the Parade Theatre Festival
Bojana Mladenovic appointed new artistic director of SNDO - School for New Dance Development
Ensemble Vento Vivimus to participate in Juilliard masterclass
Maarten Hogenhuis wins Singer Laren Jazz Award
One Lectures: a new series of architecture lectures
DasArts Block 2014 'Talking with Places'
Ilonka Kolthof wins third prize at NFA Piccolo Artist Competition
Conductor Frans Brüggen (79) passed away
Soprano Cristina Deutekom (82) passed away
AHK obtains excellent results in Institution Quality Assurance Audit
Architecture and Cultural Heritage students present ‘New Clothes’ for Felix Meritis
Trombone students win prizes at ITA trombone competitions
Sayuri Yamagata and Shunske Sato appointed principal subject teachers of Baroque violin
Indian art historian Kavita Singh holds lecture ‘Museums Between Cultures'
Reinwardt Academy trains lecturers of Bandung Institute of Technology
Alex Koo Quintet wins Dordtse SENA Jazzprijs 2014
Maarten Hogenhuis wins Conservatorium Talent Award
Pierre Mak to be appointed Head of Voice
Successes for CvA percussionists
First prize for Mariana Preda at Panpipes Soloist Competition
BvR Flamenco Big Band wins International Big Band Competition
Collaboration between Academy of Architecture and Reinwardt Academy students during ‘Week of the Vacant Building’
Special mention for Machiko Suto at harpsichord competition
Maike van Stiphout new head of Landscape Architecture at Academy of Architecture
Loran Witteveen Quintet win Dutch Jazz Competition 2014
Dutch National Ballet Academy to participate in International Creative Challenge
Success for Tin Men and the Telephone
French award for Matthijs Verschoor
Students from Academy of Architecture and Reinwardt Academy give Felix Meritis 'New Clothes'
Three Academy of Architecture alumni on Prix de Rome Architecture shortlist
SinemaDansAnkara - Dance Film Festival 2 – 8 May 2014
CvA hosts the launching of the Netherlands’ new Society of Arts
André Kuipers collaborates on graduation project Nelson Ogliastri
We are moving northwards!
Presentation Marathon and Master Proof Projects
Ilonka Kolthof to participate in semi-final of The Piccolo Artist Competition
On Current Rituals and the Things that We Use for Them
Dansers van Morgen in Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam
First prize for Gerard Spronk
Anneleen Schuitemaker wins 5th International Harp Competition
Jett Rebel wins 3FM Serious Talent Award
Bas Pollard decorated