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Directors Jan Taks and Nicole Pul on the Mime School's Start Project in October
Camiel Jansen teaches Entrepreneurship to classical department
Jury members AHK Eindwerkprijs 2022 Graduation Prize
Monday 19 Sept. 17:30 - festive award ceremony Top Naeff Prijs, André Veltkamp Grant and Henny Kamerman Dancers Prize
Book launch "Dutch Mime" by ATD’s postdoctoral researcher Marijn de Langen during the Dutch Theatre Festival
Presentation summer school results Londen and Zurich Shared Campus
Open Call: ATD Lectorate Research Development fund
Jasmijn Calis wins special prize for young talents
The Debit Card (Graduation Film 2021) wins Cilect Prize
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100% TREE - Wood workshop
In memoriam Holger Gladys (1962-2022)
Jaco van den Dool appointed Head of Music in Education
Open Call Henny Kamerman Dansersprijs 2022
Open Call André Veltkamp Grant 2022
Sílvia Lanao wins ‘Young Composer’ grant
Angela Linssen receives Frans Banninck Cocqpenning
Artistic Research – New Pathways to New Knowledge? A conversation with Eliara Queiroz
BEHIND THE SCENES - Dansers van Morgen - Zoë Greten - ‘Making decisions as a young person is an enormous quest’
Master students present their research results in an inspiring session of research posters
ATD Teacher-Researcher Fellowship awards 2022-23
BEHIND THE SCENES - Winter - ‘When I fall in love, I have imagined half of the person'
Reaction of the Dutch universities of the arts to the report of the Council for Culture
More percussion audition successes
5 & 6 Juy - AIR - Offering for a Monster - Tamara Curas
AvB winners Archiprix 2022: Lieke Jildou de Jong & Anna Zań
SNEAK PREVIEW - PLEINVREES#1 - ‘I always want to please people!’
BEHIND THE SCENES at Dying Days - ‘I often feel panic about the future’
MAAT Saxophone Quartet winner of Dutch Classical Talent Award 2022
ATD-alumna Rebecca Wijnruit houdt zich bezig met de vraag hoe gender dans en dansonderwijs mogelijk beïnvloedt
Ethan van der Velden (14) wins Archipel Muziekconcours
A sneak peek at "Dutch Mime" by ATD’s postdoctoral researcher Marijn de Langen.
SNEAK PREVIEW at SNDO Dolce Revoəl - ‘I created a tribute to a legendary artist’
BEHIND THE SCENES at ECD June Works ‘We bring techno dance on stage’
ATD-alumna Diede Daalman conducts research in the AHK Culture Club into theatrical forms that can reveal the construction of the child
Double Bass Audition Successes
Alumnus Robert Smith appointed principal subject teacher at Hochschule für Musik und Tanz
BEHIND THE SCENES at Into Nothing - 'Step out of the rut and marvel at a grain of sand!'
Now available - Patrick Acogny's publication: Contemporary African Dance Deconstructed
Wibren Jonkers wins Duyschot Organ Competition
Buy your tickets now for MTD Legacy festival GIVE-A-DANS! 24-29 June
Ingrid Vranken appointed artistic director of the DAS Theatre master study programme
BEHIND THE SCENES at Parabool 0x5 - We are making the biggest graduation performance of all time
Vacancy: Professional Experience Coach in Urbanism
The Dutch National Ballet Academy starts BA Teacher of Classical Ballet
EXCHANGE - students Dance in Education en Ecole des Sables in Senegal
Joost Emmerik appointed Head of Landscape Architecture
Tijn Wybenga awarded Deutscher Jazzpreis for debut album
First prize for S’Yo Fang at DownBeat Student Music Awards
Bence Csepeli wins audition with Concerto Budapest
Johanna Görissen wins Felix Godefroid Harp Competition
Selma Harkink principal subject teacher of Voice at the CvA
Ukrainian ballet student Polina Chepyk in CBS TV programme 60 Minutes
Emanuele Silvestri appointed principal subject teacher of cello
Artistic Research – New Pathways to New Knowledge? A conversation with Mira Thompson
Diego Jáen wins NedPho audition
Arjan Tien appointed principal subject teacher of Conducting Concert and Brass Bands
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Admission for the EPAS (European Postgraduate in Arts in Sound) closes on June 1
Shortlist Announcement Prix de Rome 2022 Architecture
Art & Community with Marie-Anne Leuty and Sumi Anjuman
Wilco Kamminga wins trombone audition with Het Balletorkest