New scholarship fund for training at the Dutch National Ballet Academy
Prize for Dimitri Malignan at Concours musical international de Montréal
In memoriam Lucien Kaufler (1997-2021)
Jazz students honoured at 44th Downbeat Student Music Awards
Successes for Adam Akopian, Christiaan Blom and Julian Jeukendrup in PCC final
Dance in Education 2: Join our 6 Times To Move!
Chair ATD-fund Anna Drijver: 'We can’t abandon this generation of students'
The Queen - graduation production Konstantinos Vasilakopoulos (Theatre Directing)
Room for coaching, silence and prayer at the Jodenbreestraat on the 4th floor
A Proper Space: Docent Dans 3
Successes for violist Fiachra D’hOra
Join the conversation | Sharing Stories on Contested Histories 2021
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CvA bands successful at Grachtenfestival 
Again prizes for Sweelinck Academy students at Princess Christina Competition!
Ballet Unleashed offers new, enduring career pathway for young dancers
Jazz alumnus Charley Rose winner Jazz Migration #7
New pathways to new knowledge? A conversation with Rajni Shah
Kaboom Award - award for best VR-work - to Leon Rogissart and Paul Boereboom
Gertjan Houben appointed artistic director of the Design & Technology and Technical Production (AD) study programmes
7-10 April - live stream April performance UC(jmd)
Alto saxophonist Sam Newbould to feature in Jazzwise’s April issue
Thomas Spijkerman, teacher Drama and Contemporary Music Theatre: 'Find the right audience to make the largest impact'
Accreditation Time
New term Markus Appenzeller, Head of Urbanism
Now, Not Now and Now - graduation project in NDSM-theater via live stream
Architecture lecturer Jeroen van Mechelen: 'Bio-based construction is the future!'
ATD-students - OFF Talents in Opera Forward
Many prizes for CvA and Sweelinck Academy students at Princess Christina Competition
Three CvA alumni nominated for voor Grachtenfestival Prize 2021
'The Breaks': A reading and conversation with Julietta Singh
DAS Theatre Open Labs: The Medium is the Medium | nyamnyam
Eleonora Strino artist of the month on Jazz Guitar Today
Annabelle Lopez Ochoa choreographs Zoom work for ballet students in Chicago and Amsterdam
Dianto Reed Quintet wins Grachtenfestival Conservatory Competition 2021
Tommaso Perazzo wins 7 Virtual Jazz Club's Contest
Theatre Directing alumni - Eline Arbo wins Mary Dresselhuysprijs 2021, Jan Hulst wins Erik Vos Prijs 2020 with Kasper Tarenskeen
DAS Research: launch of podcast series 'how to think'
Video of Marleen Hendrickx’s graduation production screened for Dutch and Belgian minister
Artistic research: new pathways to new knowledge. A conversation with Maria Ines Villasmil
Landscape Architecture student Constanza wants to help people develop ecological thinking
Make acquaintance with our facilities - to make your dreams come true!
'Why didn't you stay for me?' and ‘A Fire-Scape’ win AHK Graduation Prize
Conversation series 'Beyond Peak Indifference'
Damar Lamers appointed as artistic director of Dance in Education study programme
Publication Winter School Building Conversation 2019-2020
Pianist Aaron Parks Artist in Residence at the CvA
Alumnus Ard Hoksbergen winner Abe Bonnemaprijs 2020
Kaixin Dokter (10) wins first prize at International Chopin Festival
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Online open day Saturday 23 January
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José James new faculty member of the CvA Jazz Department
In conversation with VRAcademy teacher Nikki van Sprundel
In conversation with VRAcademy teacher Nikki van Sprundel
Restoring a Haveli in Old Delhi
Graduation of DAS Theatre & DAS Choreography 2020 Participants
Alumni win prizes at the Netherlands Film Festival Student Competition
Michel Hormes about his activistic graduation project for the Master of Education in Arts
Alumnus Gerard Spronk wins Kersjesprijs 2020
Award for alumnus Jean-François Gauthier
Three CvA bands win KAE The Records
Joop Mulder Plak 2020 for Dionne Verwey and Jennifer Muntslag