Prizewinner Bart van den Heuvel: ‘Las Vegas, here I come!’
VSCD Mime prize and Colombina 2013 to Theaterschool alumni
Sedrig Verwoert wins Eurovision Young Dancers
Karlijn Kistemaker wins Top Naeff Prize
All CvA master's degree programmes judged 'Excellent'
Conservatorium van Amsterdam and Central Conservatory of Music Beijing to cooperate
Sebastiaan Kemner wins Aeolus International Competition for Wind Instruments
Teunis van der Zwart appointed study leader of the Early Music Department
Capita Selecta Sustainist (Re)Design #3
De Theaterschool starts weekly public talks HALf6
Many CvA alumni nominated for Radio 6 Soul & Jazz Awards
Ruben Hein nominated for Edison Jazzism Public Prize
More success for Van Baerle Trio
Charlotte Marck wins second prize at Paul Hofhaimer Competition
Open call for workshop by Argentine theater director Vivi Tellas
EVERY NERVE - interventions, involvements, impulses and impacts
Kenyan theatermaker attends DasArts Introductory Weeks
Mees Riechelman winner of Drumtalent 2013
Pianist Liya Grigoryan wins scholarship
Edison Award for Van Baerle Trio
Thalia Ensemble wins York Early Music Young Artists Competition 2013
Honorable mention for Abel Paúl and Emre Kaleli at Gaudeamus Prize 2013
SNDO auditions 3, 4 and 5 April 2014
Michiel Schwarz Artist in Residence bij Academie van Bouwkunst en Reinwardt Academie
Michiel Schwarz Artist in Residence with Academy of Architecture and Reinwardt Academy
Authentic Boys Artist in Residence at Master of Education in Arts
Martijn Engelbregt Artist in Residence at Production and Stage Management
Tara Steenvoorden (links) wint Archiprix 2013. Eervolle vermelding voor Ricky Rijkenberg.
Tara Steenvoorden (Master of Architecture) wins Archiprix 2013
Gaga workshop for MTD students
Remy van Kesteren wins USA International Harp Competition
Registration started for European Landscaping Master's course
The drawn dance: workshop on choreography and architecture
Partnership-based research wins hefty grant
Ritsaert ten Cate Memorial Sale
Ritsaert ten Cate Memorial Sale
Three day conference BER-AMS-BXL
Violist Francien Schatborn appointed principal subject teacher
Rommert Groenhof wins ITA Donald Yaxley Bass Trombone Competition
Kapok wins European Jazz Competition Award
Reinwardt staff and students attend International Council of Museums
First prize for Odei Al-Magut at improvisation festival
Hans van Manen ‘patron’, Ted Brandsen ‘artistic advisor’ National Ballet Academy
Aidan Mikdad (11) wins Concertgebouw Talentenjacht
Graduation website is online
Watch the trailers of MTD graduation performance Wrõtan
Ad Welleman to join Classical brass department
WE LIVE HERE: An Academy 2013
Hans Aarsman
Midsummer Night Lecture by Hans Aarsman
View the trailer of Speed Date Odyssey
Universities, colleges and art schools in Amsterdam pool their knowledge at the ‘Managing your Talents’ conference
Two weeks Intensive course SNDO in Istanbul, September 9 until 20, 2013
Keno Harriehausen Quartet wins International Jazz Award Zeeland
Archiprix 2013 Nominee: Anna Allis
Foto: Joost Bataille
Archiprix 2013 Nominee: Ricky Rijkenberg
© Joost Bataille
Archiprix 2013 Nominee: Donna van Milligen Bielke
Archiprix 2013 Nominee: Tara Steenvoorden
Visit the performance One Events - Amsterdam Master of Choreography
Master Proof Projects and Open Lab at DasArts
New publication 'Designing in Times of Transformation'
Once again excellent rating for Academy in Keuzegids Masters 2013
Academy of Architecture open during Day of Architecture