Participants wanted Art & Society programme AHK Culture Club
Prize for Karolis Sarkus at Premio Internazionale Massimo Urbani
Hawijch Elders wins first prize at Leonid Kogan International Competition
Brian Lo Sin Sjoe appointed artistic director of the Production and Stage Management Study Programme
Photo exhibition 'Faces of the Kingdom' by 5VOOR12 in Stairwell Academy of Theatre and Dance
ATD fund awards the Top Naeff Prize, André Veltkamp Award and Henny Kamerman Dancers Prize
Winterschool@summer the journey continues
Jen-Hong Wu wins prize at international saxophone competition 
First prize for duo Lisette Carlebur and Carlos Marín Rayo
Dutch National Ballet Academy - Dancers of Tomorrow - TAILOR-MADE
Ben Fitzpatrick Quintet winner of Grachtenfestival Jazz Competition
Prizes for CvA students at Britten Competition
Adam Akopian wins Royal Concertgebouw Competition
be-CONNECTED festival 2021 - performances available until 31 August
be-CONNECTED - IN THE SPOTLIGHT ‘You get to follow Edda in a very intimate way'
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3 Amsterdam Academy Graduates win Archiprix NL 2021
Open Call: DAS Research Development fund
Dwayne Toemere appointed artistic director of the Mime School
Prize for Mafalda Oliveira at international saxophone competition in Italy
Aviv Noam Quartet winner of Dutch Jazz Competition 2020
BEHIND THE SCENES - Erasmus Mackenna on JUNK: ‘I expose this other health crisis: the crisis of mental illness'
Marta Fossas Mallorquí passes audition for Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France
‘We're being cancelled by a 6-year-old vlogger!’ Cabaret duo (ATKA) about their film n00b
BEHIND THE SCENES - Toni Blackwell: ‘I want something good to come out of George Floyd's death’
For Graduating students: be-CONNECTED Marketing session 9 June 17:30 hrs.
Missed the Kick-Off be-CONNECTED on Fri. 28 May? Watch it here
Academy for Musicology and Musicianship Amsterdam to start
BEHIND THE SCENES - ‘I take the viewer into a merciless stupor' - Zephyr Brüggen about Lizzy & the Bacchants
In memoriam
Behind the scenes of be-CONNECTED: Konstantinos Vasilakopoulos on Alice in Wonderless land: ‘I show things from their tragic, dark side'
DAS Theatre goes to Spring!
Academy of Architecture Management Update
Roman Krznaric guest speaker #12 Beyond Peak Indifference
Dancers of Tomorrow via streaming this year
New scholarship fund for training at the Dutch National Ballet Academy
Prize for Dimitri Malignan at Concours musical international de Montréal
In memoriam Lucien Kaufler (1997-2021)
Jazz students honoured at 44th Downbeat Student Music Awards
Successes for Adam Akopian, Christiaan Blom and Julian Jeukendrup in PCC final
Dance in Education 2: Join our 6 Times To Move!
Chair ATD-fund Anna Drijver: 'We can’t abandon this generation of students'
The Queen - graduation production Konstantinos Vasilakopoulos (Theatre Directing)
Room for coaching, silence and prayer at the Jodenbreestraat on the 4th floor
A Proper Space: Docent Dans 3
Successes for violist Fiachra D’hOra
Join the conversation | Sharing Stories on Contested Histories 2021
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CvA bands successful at Grachtenfestival 
Again prizes for Sweelinck Academy students at Princess Christina Competition!
Ballet Unleashed offers new, enduring career pathway for young dancers
Jazz alumnus Charley Rose winner Jazz Migration #7
New pathways to new knowledge? A conversation with Rajni Shah
Kaboom Award - award for best VR-work - to Leon Rogissart and Paul Boereboom
Gertjan Houben appointed artistic director of the Design & Technology and Technical Production (AD) study programmes
7-10 April - live stream April performance UC(jmd)
Alto saxophonist Sam Newbould to feature in Jazzwise’s April issue
Thomas Spijkerman, teacher Drama and Contemporary Music Theatre: 'Find the right audience to make the largest impact'
Accreditation Time
New term Markus Appenzeller, Head of Urbanism
Now, Not Now and Now - graduation project in NDSM-theater via live stream
Architecture lecturer Jeroen van Mechelen: 'Bio-based construction is the future!'