Mo van der Does Quartet winner of Expression of Art Award
Yuri Honing awarded Edison for his album Goldbrun
Bartok - The making of
Eut and Pitou nominated for 'Zilveren Notekraker'
Visit symposium and exhibition 'Teacher as conceptual artist'
CvA staff and alumni nominated for Edison Jazz/World 2018 awards
Silvia Bottiroli appointed as Artistic Director for master programme DAS Theatre
Michiel van Iersel joins Harvard Graduate School of Design
Conference ‘My Music Ability’, how to make music education more inclusive
Mirna Ackers wins first prize at Euro Concours for Flute 2018
DAS master study programme Creative Producing accredited by the NVAO
Programme and ticket sale DAS Master Presentations 2018 online
Anna Sollewijn and Tadjiro Velzel to participate in Berklee Global Jazz Workshop
Laurens de Man wins Sweelinck-Muller Prize 2018
Operadagen Award 2018 for SNDO-alumnus Lester Arias Vizcuna
Conductor Ryan Bancroft wins Malko Competition
DAS Theatre at Fast Forward Festival Athens
Tim Hennekes winner of 'Sena Performers Gouden Slifje'
The program is online! - Moving Together: Activism, Art and Education - A week with Angela Davis
8 May 17:30 HALf 6 - Moving Together: Activism, Art and Education - A week with Angela Davis
Tim Beattie winner of Brussels International Guitar Competition
Mara Mostert, Trio Diotima en Niels Jacobs winners of Princess Christina Competition 2018
Comenius Senior Fellowship for Marijke Hoogenboom and ‘Third’ by DAS Graduate School
Tamino joins forces with Colin Greenwood (Radiohead)
CvA harp teacher Sandrine Chatron appointed teacher in Geneva
Alisdair Pickering wins Ricciotti's fifth Great Arranging Competition
Julia Nefedov (10) wins Steinway Piano Competition
Kaja Draksler wins Paul Acket Award
DAS Paper #1: The curator in the spotlight
Solo and chamber music prizes for Eleonora De Poi and TulipDuo
DAS Master Presentations: 30 May - 2 June 2018
Save the Date: DAS Master Presentations '18
Newsletter April ’18 | DAS Graduate School
Trio Diotima, Roza Herwig, Niels Jacobs and Mara Mostert in PCC final
Sun-Mi Hong Group winner of Sena Dutch Jazz Competition 2018
Hanneke Kijne appointed head of Landscape Architecture
Hornist Jasper de Waal to start teaching at the CvA
CodeKlavier project by Felipe Noriega and Anne Veinberg very successful
DAS Graduate School launches DAS Radio and DAS Papers
Expanding support structures 3rd Cycle research
Moving Together: Activism, Art and Education – A Week with Angela Davis
First prize for Roza Herwig at Princess Christina Competition
How Do You Work Session: Jaamil Olawale Kosoko
Camiel Boomsma, Maya Fridman and Raoul Steffani nominated for Grachtenfestival Prize 2018
Four CvA bands in Dutch Jazz Competition 2018 final
Laurens de Man awarded 'Kunst aan de Dijk Prize for Young Talents'
Thibault Gomez Quintet winner of the Keep an Eye International Jazz Award 2018
Sarah van Sonsbeeck looks back on the Winter School 2018
Tommaso Perazzo Trio and Lucas Martínez Project finalists in KAE International Jazz Award
Julia Nefedov (10) finalist in Steinway Piano Competition
The exhibition 'Aldo van Eyck, In-between' was opened
'Leaflet' THEATRE YEAR 2017
Open Doors DAS Graduate School 2017. Photo: Thomas Lenden.
DAS Choreography and DAS Theatre assessed as 'top rated programmes'
Brett Bailey: 'Myths are like stones that have rolled down a river over millenia'
Prizes for students at Princess Christina Competition
Marcante Ensemble wins first prize at Maassluise Muziekweek
Maria Luisa Olmos Ros awarded YMFE Scholarship
Presentation ‘Forum #1 - The entrance hall’ at the Academy of Architecture
New master DAS Creative Producing; apply now!
Drake Music Artist in Residence at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam
AHK Master’s programmes score well again in Keuzegids