Kate Honey’s ‘Shell Symphony’ protest against Shell
Laetitia Gerards on ‘Podium Witteman’ TV show
Aengus Hackett awarded Arts Participation Bursary Award 2017
Prizes for Cameron Shahbazi at opera competition in France
Dakota to join United Talent Agency
Beeld: Vincent Peters WUR NRGlab 2016
Acceptance speech Sven Stremke: Thursday 7 December
Fiona Tan Rome 2307
11 October: Anatal Digilog, a master lecture by Fiona Tan
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How Do You Work-sessions at DAS Theatre
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New AIR for Academy of Architecture is Sarah van Sonsbeeck
Conservatorium van Amsterdam elected ‘best comprehensive conservatory in the Netherlands’
Emmanuel Frankenberg to be awarded 'Rabo-Burgemeester de Bruinprijs'
Second prize for Bruno Calvo Anillo at Carmine Caruso Jazz Trumpet Solo Competition
Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira wins Keep an Eye Outstanding Talent Award 2017
Four prizes for Nikki Treurniet at IVC
BEELD WEB places to play OSMLAG def ZICHT
New AIR publication: Places to Play
CvA Pop Department well-represented at Popronde
Bruno Calvo Anillo finalist in Carmine Caruso Jazz Trumpet Solo Competition
Liviu Prunaru to solo with Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
DAS GS newsletter
Welcome back, it’s good to see you; the new season is already here!
Evgeni Novikov wins prize at Londeix Competition
Docentenkamer klein
Conference FOOD FOR FEEDBACK 23 September 10:00-18:00 hrs
‘Re/Sounding Jazz’: 31 August-3 September at Conservatorium van Amsterdam
Pedro Emanuel Pereira wins Porto International Piano Competition 2017
Prizes for CvA organists
Emile witmer
Announcement by the management board
170706 Bojana Bauer c Jeroen de Beer
Bojana Bauer named as Artistic Director for new dance course Contemporary Dance and Performance
Ricciotti Ensemble plays music by Silvia Lanao
Bollen the 180x180
Teaching dance in the 21st century - Course for professionalization of dance teachers in the HBO
Nxt conference banner2 2017
AHK is co-organiser ELIA-conference ‘Making a living from the arts’
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Alumni Academy of Theatre and Dance nominated for Nieuwe Theatermakersprijs 2017
CvA staff to speak at EuroMAC 9
Jeanine van Amsterdam and Lilit Poghosyan appointed members of NedPho
CvA French horns at Holland Festival
Artistic play in the Archive
Eight CvA students to play in National Youth Jazz Orchestra 2017-2018
Saxophonist Ben van Gelder to join teaching staff at Conservatorium van Amsterdam
Okke Westdorp appointed Associate Director at Conservatorium van Amsterdam
Gijs Idema Trio winner of Expression of Art Award
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Master lecture (07/06) ‘EVERYBODY IS OUT OF PLACE HERE’ by Jesper Buursink and Sergo Klepach
Enkidu phot by Murad Atshan
DAS Master Presentations: 31 May – 4 June
Felipe Noriega en Anne Veinberg winners of Robot Toy Piano Prize 2017
Anastasiya Akinfina winner of Wanda Landowska Competition 2017
Shunske Sato appointed Artistic Director of the Netherlands Bach Society
Mikhail Karikis Children of Unquiet 2013 2014 video still 5
Master lecture 23 May 'Location, Voice, Action: socially-engaged works' by Mikhail Karikis
Keuris Quartet win second prize at USA Chamber Music Competition
Prix de Lausanne winner Leroy Mokgatle chooses to join the National Ballet Academy
Anniversary edition of the end-of-year production Dancers of Tomorrow: Dutch Masters
Public Presentations at DAS Graduate School
'Time Between Dog and Wolf': Master's Presentations
Aidan Mikdad wins Concertgebouw Young Talent Award
Jordi Rouschop wins second prize at Andorra competition
Matthias Havinga appointed principal subject teacher of organ
Shin Sihan and Anne Brackman winners of Dutch Classical Talent
Gijs Idema Trio en Hähnlein/Müller/Lotz to play in Expression of Art Award final
Three prize-winning CvA students at Prinses Christina Competition final
Floris Alkemade. Photo: Joost Bataille
Professor Floris Alkemade appointed curator IABR–2018+2020
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Master lecture 3/5 'Encountering the Many-Voiced' by Anna Bromley
Gerardspronk debuutcd
Alumnus Gerard Spronk to release debut album
Galleria d'Arte Moderna of Roma ©Nick Kenrick
Dibbits @ Conference in Historical Museum Frankfurt
Zdenek Nemec in international big band project