‘Insight out’ and ‘Forever flow of wet long fingers’ win AHK Graduation Prize 2019
Prizes for Tim Ouwejan, Maxim Heijmerink and Ana Balestra at Classic Young Masters
Ahmed Aboutaleb presented the Young Maaskant Prize to alumna Donna van Milligen Bielke
Dagmar Korbar wins sixth National Viola Competition
Graduation performance Forever flow of wet long fingers by graduated SNDO - Choreography student Elisabeth Raymond nominated for the AHK Eindwerkprijs 2019
Afstudeervoorstelling Een Carnaval genomineerd voor de AHK Eindwerkprijs 2019
Graduation performance by graduated Master DAS Theatre student Billy Mullaney nominated for the AHK Eindwerkprijs 2019
Artist in Residence: masterclasses on art, design and urbanism
Alumna Anne Dessing wins ARC19 Jong Talent Award
DAS THIRDcycle Annual Forum 2019 comes back! - 14 December, 2019 at DAS Graduate School
Carlos Ferreira to join Philharmonia Orchestra
Fuse wins Edison Audience Prize 2019
Ralph van Raat wins ‘Ovatie 2019’ 
The Contextual Programme 2019 of DAS Theatre moves and takes place at PAF (Performing Arts Forum - St. Erme - France)
Martijn Boom wins RPhO audition
Anneleen Schuitemaker wins RCO audition
Nominations Archiprix NL announced during Graduation Show 2019
Pupils and students in ‘Romeo and Julia’ and ‘The Nutcracker & the Mouse King’
Coppelia – the film
Jan Zoet to leave Academy of Theatre and Dance
Cellist Octavie Dostaler-Lalonde chosen as ‘Monteverdi Apprentice’
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Lesia Topolnyk won Tamayouz International Graduation Projects Award 2019
In Memoriam Theo Verbey (1959-2019)
Open Calls for Application 2020-22 of DAS Theatre & DAS Choreography: apply now!
17 October HALf6 with Rich Medina - lecture about Afrofuturism
HE.CO; the valorization of heritage
Kersjes Grant for violinist Hawijch Elders
Rebecca Fransen and Jorge Hernandez to join Het Gelders Orkest/Orkest van het Oosten
Launch of the first Nomadic Curatorial Block of DAS Theatre moving to Santarcangelo Festival (Italy)
What a Body Can Do students seminar
DAS Research: Embodied Knowledge in Theatre and Dance working group
My Baby wins Gouden Notekraker 2019
AEMA to become Associate Degree
24 September Double Bill HALf6 – André Veltkamp Grant awarded to Een Carnaval & Top Naeff Prijs is handed out
Laurens de Man wins Gottfried-Silbermann-Orgelwettbewerb
Prize for Sara Rütten at international guitar competition
Ryan Bancroft appointed Principal Conductor of BBC National Orchestra of Wales
20 September HALf6 Q&A with Daddy-O the hip hop historian
Emilio Ambasz gives the launch of new series 1·Lectures
17 September HALf6 film presentation: Patrick Acogny - African Aesthetics and Contemporary Dance
Prizes for Mattias Spee and Florin Mantale
Hackathons by Vesna Petresin 20 - 22 September - Sign Up Now!
Beautiful review Dansers van Morgen in Dance Europe
DAS Theatre alumni win prizes at Zürcher Theater Spektakel
AIR: Two editons of HALf6 on 3&4 September and a performance by Benji Hart on 5 September
Contactus wins jury prize at International Van Wassenaer Competition
5 September HALf6 with Vesna Petresin - Media + Imagination: The Real in The Virtual
Second Edition 'Training the Future: Context, Difference and Awareness in Dance Education' starts on September 2nd
Prizes for natural horn players at international competition
Research project The Critical Visitor receives funding
Useful tips for international students
Damiano Pascarelli awarded Rogier van Otterloo Award
Philippe Elistratov (11) winner of International Music Festival in Paris
Celebrate creativity and individuality!
Guest lecture Timur Si-Qin
Good news for Xavi Torres, Ikarai and Tim Kliphuis at InJazz
Fourth training in Indonesia focuses on education in museums
CvA at North Sea Jazz 2019
Vesna Petresin presents: Media + Imagination
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Efraïm Trujillo wins Edison Jazzism Audience Prize 2019