Artistic director Barbara Van Lindt leaving DAS Theatre

Barbara Van Lindt. Photo: Karin van de Wiel

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Artistic director Barbara Van Lindt is bidding farewell next summer to the DAS Theatre master’s programme, formerly DasArts. “The time has come for me to take my working life in another direction. To stand still and consider a horizon of possibilities before choosing an adventure that I want to embark on. It’s good to make way for a new voice within DAS Theatre, DAS Graduate School and the Academy of Theatre and Dance,” explains Van Lindt about her decision.

Barbara Van Lindt has worked at the Academy of Theatre and Dance for nine years. During that time, DasArts was transformed from a hybrid between a workplace and an educational institute into a two-year master’s programme that was assessed ‘excellent’ during the visitation in 2014. “Excellent is not the same thing as perfect. The latter is sooner a condition that, once earned, has to be maintained at all costs, whereas excellence requires a degree of self-reflection and mobility. That’s why we always keep tinkering with our educational programme. We also introduced big changes that we felt were necessary in these times.”

In recent years the curriculum of DAS Theatre was thoroughly revised and the student profile broadened to include both theatre makers and curators. What’s more, the school moved to a new location in Amsterdam North.

DAS Graduate School
The move in 2016 was part of a big concerted action: the establishment of DAS Graduate School, so as to bring all of the master’s and research programmes at the Academy for Theatre and Dance under one roof.

As artistic director of DAS Theatre, Barbara Van Lindt and her colleagues Marijke Hoogenboom (DAS Research), Jeroen Fabius (DAS Choreography) and Gwenoële Trapman (DAS Creative Producing – under development) established a firm foundation for the new graduate school, an environment for exchange between students, (guest) teachers, researchers and visitors.

Barbara Van Lindt: “It feels like the cycle is complete; the school is ready to receive a new artistic director.” Van Lindt has purposely not made any plans for the future as yet. “Education, the (performing) arts and the ways in which artists develop new forms of education based on their practice are areas that will continue to interest me in the future.”

Vacancy and procedure
Notification of the vacancy will be published in January 2018.