Presentation ‘Forum #1 - The entrance hall’ at the Academy of Architecture

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"If the house is a universe, what is the entrance hall of the house?"

Last Sunday afternoon, March 11, Forum #1 – De Hal (Forum #1 – The entrance hall) was presented. This edition of the magazine considers the many faces of the entrance hall with contributions from various architects, writers, poets, image makers and photographers.

De Hal is the first edition of the new series in which the house is the basis in the search for the relevance of architecture for daily life. The new series of the magazine Forum (2018 - 2022) explores architecture as a cultural task.

The editors of Forum consists of: Machiel Spaan, Madeleine Maaskant, Elsbeth Ronner, Luuk Kramer, Bart de Baets and Sandra Kassenaar.

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