TDV: A Touching Performance

Thursday 09 February 2023, 20:00 - 21:00 hrs.
Academie voor Theater en Dans
Jodenbreestraat 3
1011 NG Amsterdam

Graduation performance by Ariadna Rubio Lleó (Theaterdocent Verkort)

Hereby I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Ariadna Rubio Lleó. I graduated from the Mime Opleiding in 2008 and since then I have been working with various theater makers and groups (including 'theater collective Schwalbe' and on my own work from 'a company'). Currently I am in the third (and last) year of the part-time program: Theatre Teacher Shortened/Academy for Theatre and Dance (AHK). Within this study I am developing my artistic and pedagogical skills.

My work is associative and humorous. I like to question interpersonal relationships and play with the expectations and assumptions of my audience. For my graduation performance 'A Touching Performance' I start from the question of what is intimacy. What are we used to seeing as seduction and who is allowed to seduce (e.g. in films). Is it possible to make an intimate moment on stage while an audience is watching? Whose gaze will be leading? I hope to see you in the audience and who knows, maybe you will even be touched.

(Language no problem)

Play dates
Saturday 4 February - 20:00 Try-out
Thursday 9 February - 20:00 Try-out
Friday 10 February - 20:00 Premiere
Saturday 11 February - 20:00
Sunday 12 February - 14:30 (Matinee)

IDlab, Jodenbreestraat 3, 1011 NG, Amsterdam

Concept, Performance
Ariadna Rubio Lleó

Co-creation, Performance
Annemarie van de Vusse, Coleman Kelly, Kadi Bah, Matthijs van Els

Light & Sound
Dennis Schaffers

Dennis Meyer, Eva Knibbe, Jan Taks

With thanks to
Aukje Verhoog, Beer Boneschansker, Eric Heijmans, Erik Lint