Special masterclass with Anssi Karttunen and Kaija Saariaho i.c.w. Holland Festival

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On Thursday 21 June the Conservatorium van Amsterdam organizes, in cooperation with the Holland Festival, a special masterclass/workshop for cellists and composers with Anssi Karttunen and Kaija Saariaho.


* 10.00-13.00 room803
cello masterclass with Anssi Karttunen
* 14.00-15.30 room445
About composing - Kaija Saariaho talks about her music in general and about her new work Circle Map
* 15.45-17.00 uur room 445
composition and cello masterclass with Anssi Karttunen and Kaija Saariaho

From 10.00-13.00 Anssi Karttunen, who is soloist with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra on 22 and 23 June, will give a masterclass on several new compositions from the collection Mystery Variations which have recently been written for him: http://www.karttunen.org/home.html/Mystery_Variations.html
Other repertoire for the masterclass are all pieces for cello solo by Kaija Saariaho, who regularly works with Anssi Karttunen. In the concerts on 22 and 23 June a new work by her will be premiered.

From 14.00-15.30 Kaija Saariaho will talk about her work in general and her new composition Circle Map, and from15.45 tot 17.00 uur she and Anssi Karttunen will give a workshop for composers and string players, for which the composers may bring sketches to try out with the players.