Lisette Carlebur and Xenia Evers win Rijnlands Muziekconcours

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Violinist Lisette Carlebur (16) and pianist Xenia Evers (17) have won the Rijnlands Muziekconcours, a competition for young talents up to the age of 18. Lisette and Xenia both study at the Sweelinck Academy, the CvA's study programme for young talents; Lisette studies with Lex Korff de Gidts and Xenia with Marjes Benoist.


Other Sweelinck Academy students have also done very well: Krisna Pijloo (16) won first prize for guitar and Prawira Pijloo (13) second prize. Both guitarists study with Lex Eisenhardt. Violinist Maren Bosma (16) won also first prize. Maren studies with Lex Korff de Gidts at the Sweelinck Academy.