Theme Erfgoedarena 28 november: imminent developments in the museum branch

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The Dutch and British museums associations just published their agendas: what will tomorrow bring, and how are we to cope with that? The Erfgoedarena is curious to learn your vision.


What do you feel are the most pressing threats and challenges for museums? Is it government devolvement, general austerity, a stronger Europe, demographic development, sustainability – or are we seeing the obvious but missing the significant? Als professionals from the archival sector and the monuments field are invited to join, share experiences and explore new possibilities for joint initiatives. We are all in this together! Funds are getting scarce, governments are folding and much is being expected from citizens initiatives – if and when present, that is.

Collecting, restoring, managing and presenting: these have long been household words in the heritage world, but what about their due date? Monuments nowadays seem able to survive only after adaptive re-use. Would the same hold for museum collections? Already museums are increasingly being assessed for what they do, not for what they have. What are the implications for collections? How much will the next generation appreciate what’s in the storerooms? Should we as professionals influence those choices and pay more attention to heritage education?

The Erfgoedarena on Wednesdaynight 28 November, will first yield the floor to students. Three nominees for the brandnew ICOM Thesis Award  for innovative, internationally oriented museological research will pitch their subjects for both the audience and the ICOM jury. Next senior advisor Max Meijer will update us on the visions for the future of the Dutch and British museums associations (Agenda 2026, and Museums 2020, respectively). The floor is yours during the jury deliberations. At 10 PM we toast to the ICOM Award winner and to the future!  

Date: 28 november 2012
Start: 20.00 uur
Location: Dapperstraat 315, 1093 BS Amsterdam

Participation is free after registration, press the reserve button on the Reinwardt Community page