Seconda Pratica present book on Dutch Dirty Songs of the XVII and XVIII centuries

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Seconda Pratica, a young Early Music ensemble with various members from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, has paired up with the researcher Annemieke Houben of the Meertens Institute, to present her new work on Dutch Dirty Songs of the XVII and XVIII centuries.


Researching the melodies and texts of the time, the group prepared a small program of erotic melodies which received great attention from the media. The group and the book have been featured in Opium op 4 in Radio 4, Spijkers met Koppe at Radio 2, OVT live at Radio 1 and will be featured in Radio 3 on Thursday September 11, and a small appearance in the television show Een Vandaag on Tuesday September 9 (click here for more information). Seconda Pratica is also preparing a full program dedicated to the erotic repertoire of Holland and Europe, which should be in concert halls next January.
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