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On Monday the 12th of January the third edition of De Agenda will take place, this time in Rotterdam. Anyone involved in the performing arts and who is engaged to be in conversation about the future of our field is welcome to join in these series gatherings. The initiative and the organisation of De Agenda lies in the hands of Het Transitiebureau, with this time as special guest de Rotterdamse Raad voor kunst en cultuur (RRKC) and it will be host by the Ro Theater.


De Agenda takes place on Monday 12th January in Het Ro Theater (William Boothlaan 8, Rotterdam.)
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What is De Agenda?
De Agenda is a series of gatherings that should lead towards an alternative dialogue about the future of our performing arts field, a dialogue held between various generations and fields of profession. At the first edition the gathered community included actors, directors, students, teachers, producers, dramaturges, artistic- and financial leaders, crewmembers of small and big companies and theatres, policy makers and advisors. Ages went from 20 till 70. A wide range of people indeed, in shared conviction that the gap between art practice and art policy is too big, and that an alternative dialogue about the future of our performing arts field should be made possible from within the sector itself.

What is De Agenda’s aim?
De Agenda has two aims: one on the longer and one on the shorter term. On the long term De Agenda is a place of committed self-reflection, where everyone involved can keep sharpening and articulating their own ideas about the performing arts in dialogue with other fields of profession and generations. On the short term – in the run up to the new art policy plan for 2017-2020 – the most concrete visions and ‘agenda points’ will be presented to advice committees, commissions and sector associations. Once in the form of a recommendation letter, then again in the form of an article or a publication that becomes visible on various platforms. And in the other way around is De Agenda-gathering itself the ideal opportunity for these organisations, committees and commissions to test ideas and plans to a varied ‘soundboard’ of people involved in and engaged with the sector.

I would like to join. Do I need to prepare?
Everyone can join, at any moment. Special knowledge or experience is not requested at all. We do appreciate it though if your involvement in De Agenda is not incidental. By means of preparation we are happy to share the outcomes of the previous edition with you. You will receive these when you registered by email (

Will De Agenda stay in Amsterdam only?
De Agenda is a nomadic platform. The first editions will be held in Amsterdam. Thereupon we move out of the capital, out of the Randstad, and maybe even out of the country. Quite a few institutes have made known that they would like to host following editions in cities like Rotterdam, Groningen, Heerlen and Arnhem. At the same time Het Transitiebureau is making connections with a range of advice committees and sector associations, but also with other art disciplines and even with similar initiatives in Flanders for example.

De Agenda is an initiative of Het Transitiebureau, Simon van den Berg, Anne Breure, Marijke Hoogenboom, Emke Idema, Tobias Kokkelmans, Anoek Nuyens and Lara Staal.

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