Armen Nazarian winner of the Fourth National Viola Competition

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Armen Nazarian (1984) has won the Fourth National Viola Competition. In the final he played works by Mozart and Schumann. Shih-Hsien Tsai won second prize and the third prize went to Lisa Eggen.


Eleven young and talented violistst from all over the world participated in this edition of the National Viola Competition. The judges were Lucas Vis, Jürgen Kussmaul, Guus Jeukendrup and Liesbeth Steffens.  The National Viola Competition is a part of the Amsterdam Viola Festival, which takes place from 18-22 February at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Among the distinguished guests who come to the Conservatorium van Amsterdam to give masterclasses and concerts during the Amsterdam Viola Festival are artists such as Nobuko Imai, Daniel Bard, Jürgen Kussmaul and Esther Apituley. Additionally, there are daily masterclasses, concerts and lessons by Marjolein Dispa, Sven Arne Tepl, Richard Wolfe, Francien Schatborn and Karin Dolman, and presentations by several renowned viola makers. More information on the programme may be found here.