Liya Grigoryan Trio and Xavi Torres Trio winners of the semi-finals

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Het Liya Grigoryan Trio en Xavi Torres Trio zijn de winnaars van de halve finales van de Keep an Eye International Jazz Award

Liya Grigoryan Trio (Liya Grigoryan, piano; Marco Zenini, double bass, Tancrede DKummer, drums) and Xavi Torres Trio (Xavi Torres, piano; Matt Adomeit, double bass; Joan Terol, drums) have won the semi-finals of the Keep an Eye International Jazz Award. On March 26th they will compete with Unity (University of North Texas), Tamara Lukasheva Quartett (Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln), Five Moods (Lemmens Instituut Leuven), and Shai Golan Group (California State University).

The incentive prize went to Esther & Mateusz, a duo formed by vocalist Esther van Hees and guitarist Mateusz Pulawski

Thu March 26
20.00h Bimhuis
free entrance

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