New series of HALf6: Monday 16 March with director Katie Mitchell

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On Monday 16 March the British director and Brandstichter 2015 Katie Mitchell will be the guest of HALf6. This instalment comes courtesy of students from the Theatre Directing department, where she is the guest Artist in Residence for the Der Theatermacher project. This project introduces student directors to important artists on the international circuit.


Please note: this edition of HALf6 will be held in the TipTop Theatre in the Theaterschool, and not in the hall.

From February to April, Mitchell will also be the guest of Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam's Brandstichter (fire starter) programme. She will be presenting five stage productions and a video installation there. This British director has built a reputation for her groundbreaking theatre and opera productions and "strong, uncompromising vision of how theatre should be".

Students of the study programme in Theatre Directing will talk with her at HALf6 about methodology and repertoire, and the importance of a creative team whenever technical, filmic and visual elements take a prominent role in a work.

HALf6 is back!
From Tuesday 14 April onwards, HALf6 will be back on the second Tuesday of every month in the main hall of de Theaterschool. We're hard at work putting together a dazzling programme with major guests, a houseband and of course soup and drinks afterwards! The monthly editions are scheduled for 14 April, 12 May, 9 June, 8 September, 13 October, 10 November and 8 December. Check the HALf6 website for more information.

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