Lecturers Reinwardt Academy again active in China

Zheijang Provincial Museum

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Hangzhou University, Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum, Provincial Museum and Liangzhu Museum enroll in Master Course Participatory Museums


In September and October lecturer Marjelle van Hoorn and professor Riemer Knoop will provide, on behalf of the Reinwardt Academy, a four-week master course at the University of Hangzhou.

Participatory Museums 
The role of visitors of exhibitions and cultural institutions is shifting. In the Western museum world more and more forms of participation are arising. Together with experts and curators, visitors and enthusiasts become new communities. The faculty Heritage and Museology in Hangzhou, in collaboration with three local museums, is looking for global insights and expertise in this field. The museum staff is to participate in the workshops of the master module. Currently, in China, every day a new museum is opened.

International cooperation
With the huge expansion of attention for cultural heritage and museums, the need for international cooperation and knowledge sharing is growing. The cooperation of the Reinwardt Academy with the Chinese museum field runs since 2013. At that time, at the invitation of the Chinese Museum Association an exploratory visit was organized. In 2014 this was followed by an official tour of the Chinese and Dutch Ministries of Education and Culture. In May 2015 Reinwardt Academy provided together with the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam a first museum training in Beijing. This Hangzhou edition is intended for master students and participants from Zhejiang Province (South East China). Actually, one of the lecturers at Hangzhou University is An Leishun, alumnus of the Master of Museology of the Academy in 1993. Dutch Culture, Center for International Cooperation is guiding the organizations involved. Other international projects of the Reinwardt Academy are running in countries like Indonesia, Russia, Suriname and Thailand.