Dutch National Ballet Academy hosts first series of Teachers Training Courses

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As part of its ongoing mission to improve ballet teaching in the Netherlands, this academic year the Dutch National Ballet Academy is for the first time organising a series of Teachers Training Courses. These gatherings, which are being set up to further enrich the teaching of classical ballet technique, will see the school’s managers and teachers sharing their knowledge with amateur teachers, current and former dancers, and trainee dance teachers. Jane Lord, the coordinator of the Dutch National Ballet Academy’s outreach programme, has found that there is widespread interest in the seminars.

Jane Lord: ‘In the course of my work as a talent scout and coordinator for the Dutch National Ballet Academy’s outreach programme I often meet teachers who express concern about the future of ballet teaching in the Netherlands. And at the NBDK (the Dutch association for dance professionals) they’re concerned that at some point in the future there won’t be a sufficient number of teachers with the necessary knowledge of classical ballet technique. That’s one of the reasons why we at the Dutch National Ballet Academy think it’s so important to hold these seminars.’

There will be six Teachers Training Courses in the coming months, each covering a different theme: ‘Positions’, ‘Poses’, ‘Transfer of Weight’, ‘Pirouettes and Tours’, ‘Pointe Technique’ and ‘Allegro’. The seminars will not focus on a particular ballet technique, so they will be instructive and worthwhile for teachers from all backgrounds and styles.

The lessons and workshops forming the core of the seminars will be led by artistic director Jean-Yves Esquerre and teacher and educational coordinator Laurence Korsenti. Also working on the seminars will be a changing line-up of other teachers from the Dutch National Ballet Academy, and students will be there to illustrate the teaching material. Communication will be in English, with supplementary explanations in Dutch.

The workshops will be held on Sundays at the studios of the Dutch National Ballet Academy on Jodenbreestraat in Amsterdam. For further information please contact Jane Lord, who will also act as the host of the seminars: jane.lord@ahk.nl