Dancers National Ballet Academy in Welcome Canada - Holland Dance

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Dancers from the National Ballet Acadamy (Pre Professional Programme) perform in undefinedWelcome Canada during Holland Dance.


Dancers from the National Ballet Acadamy (Pre Professional Programme) perform in Welcome Canada during Holland Dance.

Holland Dance Festival has invited the National Ballet School in Toronto, Canada, to become acquainted with the Dutch dance heritage and the most important dance schools in our country. Together the schools will present a vibrant and diverse program that allows you to savor the dancers of the future.

With the National Ballet Academy, the Royal Conservatory The Hague and Codarts Rotterdam.

Excerpt from Giselle
Chor: David Dawson
Mus.: Adolphe Adam
Dancers: Sasha Leong – Portia Adams – Khayla Fitzpatrick - Conor Walmsley – Dorian Browne

This 10-minute choreographic quintet is excerpted from Dawson’s first full-length narrative ballet, Giselle. Created in 2008 at the Dresden Semper Opera Ballet, this work is a collaboration with dramaturge Freya Vass-Rhee and David Coldman who re-orchestrated Adolph Adam’s original music.
Dawson’s personal choreographic style stems from and transcends classical ballet technique. His compelling work described as innovative, edgy and challenging, has been praised by critics and audiences worldwide. NBA is proud to include one of Dawson’s choreographies in its repertoire.
Excerpt from Conservatoire
Chor: Auguste BournonvilleMus: Holger-Simon Paulli
Dancers: Simon Catonnet – Kayla-Maree Tarantolo – Lexie Marx

This one-act ballet from Bournonville, was created in 1849 at the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen. It is the most quintessential demonstration of ballet language and a tribute to the roots of French ballet embodied by Bournonville’s teacher, the great Auguste Vestris.

Conservatoire, now at the repertoire of the greatest international companies, has been passed on since the 19th century by the various generations of Danish ballet masters. NBA is happy to collaborate with the heirs of this tradition and to perpetuate this technique by holding an exclusive yearly Bournonville seminar in Europe.