National Ballet Academy abroad

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Over the past few weeks, artistic director Jean-Yves Esquerre has taken several trips abroad to represent and promote the National Ballet Academy. First at the prestigious Prix de Lausanne in Switzerland, then at the international ballet competition Talenti in Palcoscenico, in Brindisi, Italy, and finally in Berlin, where he was a member of the jury at the TANZOLYMP festival.

The annual Prix de Lausanne, one of the most important if not the most important ballet competition in Europe, took place in Switzerland, from 29 January to 6 February. The National Ballet Academy is a partner of the Prix de Lausanne, and the Junior Company performed on the evening of the finale on 6 February, in the ‘interlude’; the break when the jury confers about the winners of the competition. The dancers of the Junior Company performed Hans van Manen’s Trois Gnossiennes and an avant-premiere of No Time Before Time, a new creation by Ernst Meisner. They shared the stage with the Russian prima ballerina – and former Prix de Lausanne winner – Diana Vishneva, who danced Marco Goecke’s solo Tué.

Partly at the request of Frédéric Olivieri, director of the ballet school of La Scala in Milan, Jean-Yves Esquerre gave classes at the annual international ballet competition Talenti in Palcoscenico in Brindisi, Italy, from 8 to 13 February. In Esquerre’s view, the competition provides an important opportunity to spot new talent and to interest dancers in continuing their training at the National Ballet Academy.

TANZOLYMP, one of the biggest festivals for young dance talent, took place in Berlin from 19 to 22 February. The highlight of the festival is the annual final gala, at which the best dancers, selected by an international jury, perform. The jury has traditionally comprised various prominent dancers and a great many directors of internationally renowned ballet academies. For the members of this year’s jury, see: