Reinwardt Master Anneke Groen wins bursary for Beware of the stuffed animals!

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Anneke Groen is about to graduate as a Master of Museology at the Reinwardt Academy. In her thesis Beware of the stuffed animals! Groen explores the opinions and views of the museum professional, the taxidermist and the museum visitor on the use of taxidermy in modern exhibitions of natural history museums in the Netherlands, France and the UK. For the thesis, Groen has been apppointed the ICOM NATHIST bursary.


To investigate the opinion of the museum professional, representatives of museums in the Netherlands, the UK and France were interviewed. The opinions and views of the museum visitors were collected by conducting visitor
research at Naturalis Biodiversity Centre in Leiden, the Netherlands. The opinion of the taxidermist was obtained by interviewing representatives of two renowned Dutch taxidermy companies, namely Darwin, Sinke & Van Tongeren and Bouten & Sons, and by interviewing an (in-house) taxidermist from Naturalis Biodiversity Centre.
The outcomes of her research show that taxidermy specimens and displays are a source of wonder for many visitors and are a trigger of emotions. As a result of this, the mounted animals can also be used as an valuable resource to help natural history museums in their mission to explain complex concepts of biodiversity, climate change and other key topics related to nature, environmental issues and sustainability to a broad public. The mounted animals, which were tucked away in storage are entering the main stage again!

Student bursary winner of ICOM NATHIST
For the thesis, which is currently under review, Groen has been apppointed the ICOM NATHIST bursary. With this bursary, that was appointed for the first time this year, she can attend the 2016 ICOM NATHIST conference, which has as main theme Natural History Museums in Cultural Landscapes. This conference  is part of the 2016 General Assembly of ICOM – The International Council of Museums Committee-, and will be held in Milan, Italy in July.

Anneke Groen
Originally graduated as Master of Science in Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam, Groen decided a few years ago to fulfill a long-cherished dream and to enroll in the Master of Museology program of the Reinwardt Academy in the Netherlands. She focused on natural history museums. At this moment Anneke is involved in several small projects, namely the development of a catalogue for a new natural history exhibition at Naturalis Biodiversity Centre, the development of a new strategic concept for Het Pieter Vermeulen Museum (a small, regional natural history museum), and the development of a travelling exhibition about a natural history topic,the animal biography of an elephant.