De Theaterschool is renamed Academy of Theatre and Dance

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De Theaterschool, the theatre and dance faculty of the Amsterdam University of the Arts, is getting a new name. From September 2016, de Theaterschool will continue under the name of Academy of Theatre and Dance (ATD).

The reason for choosing this name is because the Academy of Theatre and Dance is the only academy in the Netherlands where all the theatre and dance disciplines and their associated facilities are represented under one roof. The academy combines the forces of various specialised and small-scale courses at Bachelor’s and Master’s level. Together, they represent the whole spectrum of contemporary professional practice in the performing arts: not only the dancers and actors, but also the whole creative team of choreographer, director, lighting and sound designer, producer and designer.
The academy’s research and Master’s departments have recently come together in DAS Graduate School, located in the former Shell-Grootlab in Amsterdam-Noord. The Bachelor’s courses of the Academy of Theatre and Dance are housed in the Jodenbreestraat premises.

The Academy of Theatre and Dance has everything it takes to realise the artistic ambitions of future performing artists. Students are encouraged to realise their potential and develop their individual talent to the full. The focus is on craftsmanship and interdisciplinary work. One new initiative for the coming academic year (2016-2017) is the IDlab (Interdisciplinary Digital Lab), a platform that focuses on interdisciplinary collaborative ventures and the latest digital developments. Our teachers and guest teachers come to us from the cream of professional practice, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The academy thus brings its students into contact with an artistic world that is in constant motion.