Master of Landscape Architecture among world's best design schools

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Students of the Master of Landscape Architecture participated in an international design competition for schools of landscape architecture, part of the European Biennial of Landscape Architecture which recently took place in Barcelona. With their entry, they are among the 12 best design schools worldwide.

Since its first edition, the European Landscape Biennial has expressed its desire to intently study and discuss landscape interventions, as much from the perspective of landscape architecture as from other disciplines linked to its study and evolution. The theme of the 9th edition was 'Tomorrow Landscapes'.

One of the components of the Biennale is an international competition for students of design schools for landscape architecture. The five participating students of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture were Joske van Breugel, Jildou Lieke de Jong, Roeland Meek, Paul Plambeck en Simon Verbeeck. See these and other entries here.

All entries will be judged by a jury consisting of Juan Manuel Palerm, Enric Batlle, Rafael Narbona Carvo and Carles Crosas (Spain), Ellen Fetzer and Lisa Diedrich (Germany), Ilya Mochalov (Russia) and Yufan Zhu (China). The submission was coordinated by Maike van Stiphout, Head of the master in Landscape Architecture from the Academy. The exhibition runs until October 19th.