Blackboard with information about public presentations in the hall

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A big old-fashioned analogue blackboard has been installed in the haa of the Academy. Here you can see at one glance all public studio presentations and performances, which take place this week at the Academy.

A board by students and for the students! The blackboard has been initiated by Adrian Linz and Tabitha Friis Kristensen, second-year students Theatre Directing. The board complements the existing communication channels, such as the website calendar, the screens in the hall and Facebook messages.

How does it work?

A real manual is not necessary, but the board will only work if there is something written on it!
- Do you want to invite an audience for your presentation or performance?
Grab a piece of chalk. Write on the board:
Your education; a brief description; date and time; reservation information.
- Is your presentation finished?
Take the eraser and remove the information from the board!

NOTE: gathering place for the audience is always in the hall, in order to prevent people wandering through the building.

A simple way to inform the whole population of the Academy of Theatre and Dance and our visitors about your public presentation!