Reinwardt Academy and South Africa

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South African delegates of among others, the South African Museums Association, amalgations of National Museums, the South African Heritages Rescources Agency and the War Museum are visiting the Reinwardt Academy on February 13.

The guests are invited to present their collection management issues and questions to the general management and staffmembers of the international trainings department, programme coordinator of the Master of Museology and senior lecturers of the Reinwardt Academy. The visit is part of a program Heritage in the Netherlands, coordinated by DutchCulture.

Sharing history
It is not the first time the Reinwardt Academy spends more attention to the shared history of the Netherlands and South Africa. As responsible historian Ciraj Rassool, a professor at the University of the Western Cape and Trustee of the District Six Museum, regularly guest lectures to students Master of Museology at the Academy.In 2017, the South African Nick Shepherd, professor of African Studies at the University of Cape Town artist in residence at the Amsterdam cademie. At the invitation of the research heritage gives it archaeologist with master students to form the so-called. Walking Residency. Shepherd is one of the initiators of this project that heritage issues on the agenda states in relation to the pressing issues of climate change and social inclusion in our society. Shepherd is also a promoter of Christian Ernsten, teacher Heritage Theory Reinwardt Academy who wrote his doctoral thesis at the University of Cape Town, entitled Renaissance and Revenants in an Emerging Global City. Discourses of Heritage and Urban Design in Cape Town's District One and District Six, 2002-2014.