Antoinette Lohmann appointed teacher of Baroque violin

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Baroque violinist Antoinette Lohmann has been appointed principal subject teacher of Baroque violin. As of September 2017, she will bring their expertise to the students of the Early Music Department, together with Shunske Sato and Sayuri Yamagata, who form the teaching team of Baroque violin and viola.

Antoinette Lohmann has been active in the field of historically informed perfomance practice for years. Additionally, she has also been an advocate of performing contemporary compositions for early instruments. With her own group, Furor Musicus, she released several recordings, inclusing music by the Dutch Baroque composer Jacob Nozeman, reconstructions of works by J.S. Bach and unknown German and Austrian repertoire from the seventeenth century. Antoinette teaches Baroque violin, viola and historical documentation at the Utrecht Conservatorium and is the principal teacher of the Historical Performance Department as well. Since 2008 she has been visiting South-Africa regularly to give concerts and, most of all, to teach in order to support the development of a historical performance movement.

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